signs an older man is flirting with you

Signs an Older Man is Flirting With You- Understanding the Unspoken

You find yourself engaged in conversations with an older man, and amidst the words exchanged and the shared laughter, there’s a certain undercurrent that’s difficult to ignore. 

Is it mere friendliness, or could it be something more? 

Romantic attraction can be hard to unravel, especially when it comes in as gestures instead of direct words. It can be difficult to tell whether an older man is being friendly and warm or has further intentions. 

Dive in as we explore the art of flirtation to uncover the signs that sell as flirting.

Signs an Older Man Is Flirting With You (Read this First)

Flirting can be different depending on varying cultural concepts and the environment. While some behaviours can outrightly portray that an older man is flirting with you, it is not always easy to tell whether this is true. 

It is essential to be aware of how a person is flirting, such as playful teasing, to avoid misinterpreting someone’s behaviour and mistaking it for flirting. If an older guy behaves in a manner that can be flirting, but you are unsure about it, below are some signs to look out for. 

Signs an Older Man is Flirting with You 

signs an older man is flirting with you

Physical Contact

Physical touch, such as a warm shoulder touch or a touch on the lower back, can indicate a level of flirting. Take note of how he touches other people. If it’s different from how he touches you and expresses more affection or prolongs contact when touching you, he is flirting. 

Also, how he initiates physical contact can indicate whether he is flirting. If he maintains eye contact before and when touching you, he could flirt and want to test whether you are comfortable with the advances. 

Warm Compliments 

Sincere and frequent compliments about your appearance and personality may be a friendly gesture, but when they become personal, it shows he is flirting with you. 


An older man flirting with you can use playful jokes to build rapport and show interest in you. The jokes are usually warm and may involve a flirtatious compliment once in a while to make you smile. 

Regular Communication 

If he initiates communication frequently on a physical basis or over the phone, he is trying to maintain the connection. If he uses personal language, it can indicate he is flirting with you. The personal language includes calling you endearment names. 

Suggestive Conversations 

Engaging in conversations involving romance or intimacy is a sign of flirting. An older man is flirting with you if he engages you in such topics over the phone or in person. 

What Does it Mean When an Older Man Flirts with You?

signs an older man is flirting with you

Flirting is a way of communicating attraction and creating a sense of chemistry with someone you are attracted to. When an older man is flirting with you, he could be interested in forming an intimate relationship. Here are some of the possible interpretations of an older man flirting with you: 

Romantic Interests 

Flirting is a way to declare a romantic interest. An older man can use flirtation to show you he is ready to pursue a romantic engagement with you. 


Sometimes, flirting can be just a way of having fun for an older man. If he does nothing beyond occasional flirting, it could mean that he is simply being playful. 

Testing the Waters 

An older man can use flirting to gauge his comfort level before he advances his actions to the next level. If he is much older than you, it can also be a way for him to identify whether you are comfortable with the age gap in case he wants to pursue a romantic engagement. 

Simple Compliment 

Remember, it can be hard to interpret certain gestures and determine whether it is flirting. Sometimes, it is a way to give compliments but in a way that crosses the boundaries of professionalism. Hence, it is essential to remain neutral until you know his intentions. 

A Game of Ego 

Flirting can be a way of seeking validation to boost his ego. If an older man flirts with you and does the same with others, he could seek validation to boost his self-esteem. 

How to Respond When An Older Man Flirts with You 

signs an older man is flirting with you

There are several considerations when identifying the best way to respond to flirtation. Here’s what you should consider: 

  • Does the flirtatious behaviour bring you discomfort? 
  • Would you consider pursuing a romance with him?
  • Is he being genuine with his behaviour? 
  • The pros and cons of responding to flirtation.

If he makes you feel weird with his flirtatious behaviour, you should communicate boundaries and tell him outright to stop. If you feel you can pursue a potential romantic engagement with him, you can respond warmly when the older man flirts with you. Ultimately, how you respond depends on your willingness to pursue a relationship and whether he is genuine with his behaviour and future intentions. 

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