What Does a 70 Year Old Man Want In Bed

What Does a 70 Year Old Man Want In Bed

Do you struggle to have a good time in bed with your 70-year-old man? Or are you exploring a new relationship with an older man?

Sex is important for seniors in relationships, and understanding what your partner wants is essential in making bedroom adventures thrilling.

Partners need to keep themselves informed on what to do to improve their relationship, and sex is a crucial part of it.

In this article, we have details on what a 70 year old man wants in bed to keep things exciting.

What Does a 70 Year Old Man Want In Bed (Read this first)

Sex is different in every phase of life. What a 50-year-old man wants is not the same as what a 70 year old man wants. 70-year-old men, most want to feel needed, and confident, and they want to satisfy their partner. Sometimes, for a 70-year-old man, sex is not all about physical satisfaction, but a matter of emotional and psychological fulfillment.

5 Things that a 70 Year Old Man Wants In Bed

If you are in a sexual relationship with a 70 year old man, here are some of the things they want in bed:


Appreciating your man is one of the best ways to boost their confidence in bed. You should therefore give them compliments before, during, and after bedroom activities.

For instance, you can complement how they look way before your meet-up later, or compliment how great they make you feel.

Also, it is important to let them know of the things they are doing great in bed so that they will feel more appreciated and do them more often.  Giving complimentary feedback is something that a 70 year old man appreciates.

Remember to keep your compliments honest and authentic as false compliments could make them feel bad and break the trust between you.


While there are people who take communication about bedroom matters wrongly, a 70-year-old man wants you to communicate your feelings and what you want him to do to make your bedroom experience better.

Also, talk about what you would like to try, and what works for you, and enquire about what works for them. It is vital to communicate with him about new explorations before doing them.


At 70, it is not rare for a man to expect confidence from his partner. If you have had years of sexual experience, you should bring confidence to the bedroom. Exercise maturity by knowing that it is not a must for you to have steamy sex all the time.

Do not be shy to express your strengths in bed. From time to time, be the one in control, instead of just leaving him to do everything. 

Remember to keep boundaries respected when exercising confidence and exploration in bed by asking whether it is okay when trying new things.

Emotional Intimacy

Doing bonding activities prior is a great way to boost emotional intimacy for you and your partner. A 70 year old man needs to feel an emotional connection in bed. However, some men prefer plain sexual relationships.

If you are in a relationship with a 70-year-old man, emotional intimacy like understanding him, listening to him, making time for him, and creating an emotionally safe space can improve and make sex great.

Good Foreplay

Men over 65 enjoy good foreplay, sometimes even more than the actual sex. Be accommodative in the amount of foreplay your man wants and how they want it.

Try out different forms of foreplay including words of affirmation, sex toys, oral, and fun sex games to make things interesting in bed.

Often when you get to know each other, it becomes easy to figure out what your partner likes and what they feel comfortable with.

Problems You Might Encounter In Bed with a 70 Year Old Man

Sex is not always bliss for couples in all age groups, but this should not spoil the fun. Below are some problems you might encounter with a 70 year old man in bed:

Lack of Flexibility

With age comes along belly fat, muscle stiffness, and joint problems. This causes some limitations when it comes to bedroom exploration. This might not be the case for all 70-year-olds, but it happens frequently.

Less Interest in Sex

You might find that he is less interested in sex than you. These occur due to some hormonal changes. A 70-year-old man could be interested in other bonding activities like travel than sex.

Erection Issues

Blood flow changes as a man grows older and this affects erection. Your man takes time to get it up or loses erection fast.

Fortunately, the above problems can be solved and only requires patience and empathy from a partner.


Can a 70 year old man fall in love?

Yes. There is no age when one cannot fall in love. People fall in love at any age.

Do older men take a long to get aroused?

Older men do take a long to get an erection due to issues such as changes in hormones and blood flow.

Is 70 old to get married?

70 is considered old in society, but one can get married even after 70.

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