When An Older Man Flirts With You

When An Older Man Flirts With You

Sometimes, romantic dreams are not all about flowers; they could be the warm feeling of stability and safety.

 Being with an older guy feels like exploring uncharted territory with sparks of abundance and life.

While the age gap might bring in some unique dynamics, you can figure out how to handle generational differences.

Before we talk about what it would be like to date an older guy, let us dive in to know what it means or what to do when an older man flirts with you.

When An Older Man Flirts With You (Read This First)

Let’s be frank, we have all had second thoughts when we hear a love story between a man who is much older than a woman. That’s why people might judge an older guy dating a younger woman.

While there could be some issues of concern when an older man flirts with you, the first thing to do is listen to your gut.

Your instinct should be the first ‘person’ to consult in a skeptical romantic venture.

Should You Explore Dating an Older Man?

Dating an older man is not as easy as it plays out in our heads. Sometimes, the misconceptions about being with an older guy can get in the way of your romance.

However, when it comes to matters of love, you can find a way to build a beautiful relationship outside social expectations.

So, should you go with the flow when an older guy flirts with you at the coffee shop? I’d say listen to how you feel and ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I doing this for the right reason?
  • Do I imagine a future with him?
  • Is the direction of our lives in sync?
  • Am I ready to handle generational differences?
  • How do I feel about his past?

If you can truthfully answer those questions and the answers lean towards dating an older guy, it is a good sign to explore dating an older guy.

How To Tell If He Is Serious

Unfortunately, even though an older guy may flirt with you often, it does not qualify him to be serious.

Sometimes we make wrong assumptions that maturity comes with age and that an older guy cannot flirt for fun.

To be safe and not jump to conclusions only to get hurt, you should be sure that he is making serious intentions.

It can be hard to tell if he is serious; below are some of the signs you can watch out for to know whether he is serious:

  • He calls/texts just to check how your day is going
  • He is vulnerable when talking to you
  • He asks whether you are seeing anyone
  • He makes eye contact when talking to you
  • He gives you unannounced compliments
  • He makes jokes just to amuse you
  • He pays attention to tiny details about your life
  • He cheers you on your goals

The ultimate way to know whether an older guy is ready to take his flirting to another level is if he tells you and make the initiative to win you over.

Will He Make a Move?

Flirting is great because of all the tension and butterflies it brings. We all love living in that romantic tension and imagination.

But what happens when you are ready to give it a try with this handsome older guy in your neighborhood but he hasn’t taken any initiative to ask you to be his girlfriend?

While it might feel awkward for you to ask him to be your boyfriend, this should not discourage you. You can indirectly get him to make that serious move. See the tips below:

  • Give him some warm smiles when he compliments you
  • Check on him and text him back with the same energy he gives you
  • Invite him to group hangouts to spend more time together
  • Give him affirmations when he helps you out with something
  • Give him hints that you are down to be with someone older
  • Appreciate his hobbies and likings even when they are different from yours
  • Reciprocate his physical touches with openness
  • Laugh at his jokes

Sometimes, older men seem strong and sure about every move they make but they also need affirmation that their romantic gestures will not be met with rejection and unappreciation.

You might be surprised that the only thing he needs to ask you to be his partner is for you to reciprocate his small actions.

Last Tips

If you feel ready to be with an older guy, nothing should get in the way of that.

Relationships might be complex sometimes, but there are happy and successful relationships between an older man and a younger woman.

Misconceptions like he only wants to use you or it is not right should not stop you from a great experience with someone who makes you happy.

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