Hello, welcome to Bold Senior

I’m Carol, the founder of Boldsenior.com, and I am passionate about all things seniors.

Originally from Alaska, I currently live in Marion, Florida, outside The Villages, where my grandparents live. 

When I first came to Florida, my goal was to help my grandpa and nana settle in and then fly back home where my life was. 

After a whole week of sunshine, playing golf, and touring around The Villages in golf carts, I just wasn’t ready to go back to the snowy Alaska. The weather was just too good, not to mention the taxes, and the cost of living! I decide to remain and become a permanent resident. 

Just for the record, Florida receives 237 days of sunshine compared to about 112 days of sunshine in my home state. 

Living in Florida ignited my passion for senior living. After making friends with so many seniors and seeing retirees settle in old age, I have learnt a lot of practical solutions that I can share with other other other people transitioning to old age.

I started Boldsenior.com to provide a space where seniors get practical solutions when they have issues with social activities like golfing, living, caregiving, and other related issues.

You will also learn the tools you need to make your home safe and comfortable for seniors, best places for retirement, things to do when you retire, as well as finding work in retirement. It is also a space to catch up with your reading for leisure or for your research.

My passion for senior living is backed up by my professional background as a social worker. I have a degree in Social Work from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and I have been involved in extensive research in Gerontology. Particularly, I am equipped with knowledge about the social, mental, and economic changes that come with aging.

I am an empath, and having a great personality has allowed me to understand what a bold senior needs. This blog is relatable to the day-to-day routines and challenges encountered by seniors.

As you read our content, I hope to make your senior life more lively and memorable. Every word written is carefully crafted for you to feel at home as you read.

I hope to walk every day with you and grow with you.


Carol Williams.

Founder, Bold Senior.