Signs an Older Man Has a Crush on You

Signs an Older Man Has a Crush on You

When it comes to the world of exploring romance, one of the most difficult, yet intriguing things to unravel is unspoken affection.

While social norms may find relationships between an older man and a young woman odd, the heart certainly does not pay attention to what anyone thinks, it wants what it wants.

Due to the age gap, it can be hard to interpret the warm gestures or the glances from an older man, and if you like him too, it becomes urgent to uncover whether he has a crush on you.

In this article, we will help you interpret the little signs that can show an older man has a crush on you. Dive in to unravel the romantic mystery!

Signs an Older Man Has a Crush on You (Read this first)

Crushes do not come out obvious and can be mysterious. Feelings can be hard to interpret because they are expressed differently depending on a few factors such as the individual’s way of showing love.

Hence, it is essential to understand some of the signs when you suspect that an older man has a crush on you. For instance, when you find that an older man makes frequent eye contact with you and then looks away when caught, they could have a crush on you.

How to tell if an older man has a crush on you

Below are a few more signs an older man has a crush on you.

Initiates Communication

If he looks for any excuses to text or call frequently every day, he has a crush on you. Mostly, when an older man has a crush on a lady, he calls to check whether you are okay. Also, take note of the things he asks you when he calls.

If he asks; Did you sleep well? , Are you feeling hungry? , How’s work? It can be a genuine way of showing care and interest. When a man calls regularly just to say nothing, he has a crush on you.

He Likes Time Alone with You

Another sign he is crushing on you is, he will find excuses to have time alone with you. Spending time alone gives him a chance to know you better and creates an opportunity for him to show his true feelings.

He Is Interested About Your Life

If he remembers personal details you’ve shared in the past, such as your interests, hobbies, or important dates, it suggests he’s attentive and invested. If he asks about events in your life and shows genuine care, it indicates that he has a genuine interest in you.

Body Language

While one cannot truly tell what another person feels, body language is one way to interpret whether an older man has a crush on you. Here are some of the body language to look out for:

  • Maintaining eye contact
  • Leaning in closer during conversations
  • Mirroring your gestures
  • Smiling when he sees and talks to you
  • Nervousness when he is around you


When an older man has a crush on you, he’s not only interested in keeping tabs on your dating life but shows signs of jealousy when he suspects that you might be seeing someone else. Jealousy is a sign of possessive feelings.


It is normal for a man to pay a lady compliments once in a while. But when it becomes a habit and comes in frequently, it is a sign of special feelings. Hence, complimenting your appearance, personality, or achievements more often than others means he feels something special about you.

Physical Contact

One of the ways to indirectly show someone that you care about them is by initiating physical contact. If he initiates physical contact such as Gentle touches on the arm, shoulder, or back, this is an expression of his desire to be physically close to you and a sign he is crushing on you.

He Makes Future Plans

If he talks about future activities or events involving both of you, he might be trying to integrate you into his life.

He’s Vulnerable with You

Having a crush on you doesn’t have to be always about you. If he opens up about his emotions, struggles, and challenges to you, it means he trusts you and could indicate that he has a crush on you.


How can you tell if an older guy secretly likes you?

If he likes spending time with you and checks on you frequently, this means he likes you. Also, take a close look at how he touches you to tell whether it is just a friendly touch or whether it is more.

What do older guys want in a woman?

Older guys want a responsible, trustworthy, loving, and caring woman who can potentially make a good life partner.

What attracts older men?

Apart from physical beauty, older men are attracted to someone they can trust, a woman who is loyal, caring, sweet, supportive, and someone who can potentially make a good spouse in the future.

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