Who Has the Right to Put Someone in a Nursing Home

Who Has the Right to Put Someone in a Nursing Home

The decision that someone should live in a nursing home is met with resistance in some cases. When someone who needs to be in a nursing home resists care, the decision must be exercised by someone else.

Knowing how much the law protects liberty and rights, one has to be cautious about certain decisions. In this article, we have highlighted in detail who has the right to put someone in a nursing home.

Who Has the Right to Put Someone In a Nursing Home (Quick Answer)

The easiest way for someone to transition from living in their home to a nursing home is when they make that decision. Seniors have a right to go to live in a nursing home as long as they need to.

While this is the easiest way, many are times when seniors resist going into nursing homes. In this case, a guardian can decide. To do this, one needs to acquire guardianship from a court.

Can a Hospital Put Someone In a Nursing Home?

A hospital does not have the legal right of putting in a home. However, the doctor’s recommendation holds water in the decision to move seniors to nursing homes.

Before the nursing home admits a new resident, one is required to have the doctor’s recommendation as well as a written prescription if one is on medication. While the hospital cannot put someone in a nursing home, it plays a vital role in nursing home admission.

Can You Put Someone In a Nursing Home With Power of Attorney?

The medical power of attorney gives rights to the one holding the power to put a loved one in a nursing home. However, this decision should be for the benefit of the principal.

Having the medical power of attorney does not mean that one has to take over the medical bills for the principal. A financial arrangement should be made if the medical power of attorney agent decides it’s best to put the principal in a nursing home.

Before someone acquires the power of attorney, the principal should be declared incompetent to make their own decisions by more than one medical professional.

What Happens When Someone Resists Nursing Home Care?

The decision to live in a nursing home often comes as a last resort for many people. Sometimes, it has to be imposed on our loved ones for their good. Taking care of seniors, especially those with conditions such as dementia requires professionalism and 24/7 availability.

When a loved one who needs to be in a nursing home resists care, here is what you can do:


Some professionals help people transition into new lifestyles. Try and find an expert to help your loved one transition from living alone to a nursing home. Social workers also do a good job in these matters.

Take It a Step at a Time

Sudden change might trigger resistance from your loved one. It is easier to get them comfortable to move to a nursing home over some time than over a day or two. Take a few weeks to go over everything slowly so that your loved one can have time to take everything in.

Create a New Schedule with Them

After finding a nursing home for your loved one, learn the nursing home schedule and go through it with them. Incorporate their favorite activities in there to assure them that they will still get to do the things they love in the nursing home.

Familiarize yourself with the New Environment

It is hard to accept moving to a place you do not know. If your loved one can make a nursing home visit before getting the nursing home admission, it can get them familiarized with where they will be moving to. Take them with you to the nursing home so they know where they will be going.

Focus On Positives

Avoid speaking negatively about nursing homes. Instead, let your loved one know about the things they will enjoy during their stay. Talk about the good meals, making new friends, having 24/7 care, and learning new games. Also, assure them that you will visit often and keep your word.


How Do You Know Its Time To Put Someone In a Nursing Home?

If the health of your loved one gets so bad that they need care round the clock, it is time to put them in a nursing home. Also, if they cannot dress, eat, or bathe without assistance, a nursing home might be a good option.

What Is the Disadvantage Of Nursing Homes?

Nursing homes, although not all suffer from understaffing, which increases the likelihood of accidents. Nursing home residents get lonely, especially if loved ones do not visit.

Is It Good to Put Seniors In a Nursing Home?

Nursing homes offer the needed  24/7  care for seniors and this is good for them.

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