What Is the Fastest Way To Get Into a Nursing Home

What Is the Fastest Way To Get Into a Nursing Home? (5 Easy Steps)

For seniors who need the care and assistance that a nursing home provides, getting in as quickly as possible is often the top priority.

However, getting someone admitted into a nursing home is not the same as getting a hospital admission.

Rarely do nursing homes allow walk-in admissions. There are processes and documents to be submitted before becoming a nursing home resident.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the options available to seniors and their families who are looking for speedy admission to a nursing home. Also, we have some important considerations to keep in mind throughout the process.

What Is the Fastest Way to Get Into a Nursing Home? (Quick Answer)

If your loved one had a bad fall or a medical emergency, you can talk to the social workers at the hospital to assist you to get a quick admission into a nursing home. For seniors living in nursing homes, it is important to have Medicaid for long-term nursing home stays or Medicare. After getting a nursing home recommendation, ensure you have a cover for the nursing home costs.

5 Steps To Get Into a Nursing Home Fast

If you are unable to secure a nursing home admission immediately, you can try the following ways to get a nursing home faster.

Get Your Finances Ready

Signing up for a life in a nursing home requires financial sustenance. You need to have a plan on how to cover the expenses. Nursing homes are strict with payments and can kick a resident out for not paying.

The best financial plan for living in a nursing home is to have insurance. There are life insurances that can be used to cater to nursing home financing needs.

Federal programs such as Medicaid help cover nursing home bills, especially for seniors who are not financially well. Before anything else, you need to apply for Medicaid if your loved one does not have it.

Look For Nursing Home Recommendations

If you do not know where to begin looking for a nursing home, getting recommendations from the social work office or the doctor’s office is a great start. If you have several recommendations, finding a nursing home for your loved one should be easier.

Visit the Nursing Homes  

Schedule visits to nursing homes are recommended. This will help you know whether it is suitable for your loved one and find the right nursing home for your loved one. You get to see the nursing home facilities, their food menu, activities, and financial requirements.

When making the visits to the nursing homes, bring your loved one along for them to feel involved in the decision.  If your loved one is unable to move make the nursing home visits with you, prepare a checklist to choose the nursing home that meets their needs.

Get the Needed Documents

For seniors to be admitted into a nursing home, they are required to bring several documents according to the policies of the nursing home. The documents include:

Doctor’s order for admission. 

The family physician issues an order for admission to state that your loved one needs to be in a nursing home. The order also includes the ongoing treatment and medical history.

Updated Medical Examination

Nursing homes require a document containing the most recent medical report on the examination. The family doctor should conduct this examination before a nursing home admission.

The State-Required Form

The hospital staff fills in a unique state form to state that your loved one meets the state’s criteria for getting admitted into a nursing home. This is unique according to your state.

Health Tests

In most states, nursing homes require a resident to be immunized against TB, flu, Covid 19, and any other infectious viruses. You need to show proof that your loved one has had the immunizations.

Admissions Paper Work

You need to complete the nursing home admission paperwork before the day of admission. Sometimes, the paperwork can be done at the nursing home. If you have the power of attorney, you need to be present during the signing.

Do All Nursing Homes Conduct Financial Assessments?

One thing you can expect before your loved one gets into the nursing home is financial assessments. The nursing home must know crucial financial information. During these assessments, they fill in a form with the details given.


Does Medicaid Cover Most Of the Nursing Costs?

Medicaid covers up to 65% of the costs. It is a great plan to ease the financial burden of nursing home expenses for financially low residents.

Can a Hospital Force You Into a Nursing Home?

The hospital can put someone in a nursing home if they are mentally unfit to decide or if they are a harm to themselves. If you are sound of mind, nobody can force you into a nursing home.

What Happens To People Who Can’t Afford Nursing Homes?

If it becomes impossible to pay for a nursing home when you need it, you can seek NHS support.

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