What Age Can You Put Someone in a Nursing Home

What Age Can You Put Someone in a Nursing Home?

When an adult is unable to live on their own due to an accident or a health condition, it becomes urgent to consider living in a nursing home.

While considering living in a nursing home mostly comes as a person gets older, sometimes, one might need to get admitted in to a nursing home earlier than in normal circumstances.

If it has become hard for you to look after a loved one at home and you feel guilty about considering the nursing home option because your loved one might be a bit young, this article is detailed about age and nursing homes to help you understand your circumstance better.

What Age Can You Put Someone in a Nursing Home?

A while ago, it was believed that nursing homes are only for seniors in their 70s or late 60s. This has changed as there are younger people in nursing homes than seen before.  As long as it has become impossible for an adult to live alone and take care of themselves, living in a nursing home should be an option.

 Even people as young as 30 are in nursing homes. Nursing homes are perfect for assisted living, especially for people with medical conditions that make it impossible to live on their own.

How To Tell When Its Time To Live In a Nursing Home

With the recent changes in the age groups living in nursing homes, it is clear that age is not the only thing that determines whether or not one should be living in a nursing home. If you are unsure of whether to put a loved one in a nursing home, here are some of the signs that tell you when its time to put them in a nursing home:

When Safety Is an Issue

If living alone is no longer safe for your relative or loved one, you should consider putting them into a nursing home. Nursing homes are well guarded, and there are people around 24/7, which makes seniors or people living in the nursing home feel safe.

Dementia and Other Health Conditions

Unfortunately, living with dementia is not only hard for seniors but also the caregivers. With time, the confusion gets worse, making it emotionally troubling for both the caregiver and the one ailing. There are nursing homes for dementia, and they have professionals trained to take care of dementia patients.

If your loved one has a health condition, mental or physical that demands quality cares round the clock, it might be time to put them in a nursing home.

Poor Living Conditions

If your loved one can no longer maintain minimum hygiene conditions due to health issues, it is good to consider a nursing home as an option. There are mental health conditions such as depression that might cause one to neglect personal hygiene and basic needs such as eating regularly.

When It Gets Lonely

Often, when you visit seniors, they mention that they feel lonely. Loneliness, although underestimated, harms the well-being of seniors. If your loved one feels extreme loneliness, it might be reason enough to put them in a nursing home.

How To Let Go When Its Time To Put a Loved One Into a Nursing Home

Whether it is your 40-year-old brother or your 75-year-old aunt that has to go to a nursing home, it is not easy to let them go. Many times, close relatives of those being put into a nursing home feel guilt, heaviness, and even grief. It is harder when you have to put someone into a nursing home against their will. Here is how to let go and cope with the emotions:

  • Know that the decision to put a loved one into a nursing home is to make their living better
  • Affirm that even putting your loved one into a nursing home is doing your best
  • Review your nursing home options and pick the one that sits right with you
  • Understand that it is medically required that your loved one receives the best professional care which you cannot provide
  • Remember that you have your own life and you can only give so much
  • Prepare yourself months before checking them into the nursing home
  • Get professional help to prepare your loved one for the nursing home, especially if they are having a hard time
  • Make daily calls and regular visits to talk and spend time with your loved one


Living with someone who needs more than just normal assistance is not easy. So is the decision to put them into a nursing home. Whether 35 or 75, when a person cannot go through a typical day without needing help with feeding, going to rest room, and other activities, it is time to consider a nursing home. Remember, your loved one is better off with professional care.  

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