Is 74 Too Old To Get a Puppy?

Is 74 Too Old To Get a Puppy?

Picture this: you blew out your 74th birthday candle and felt it in your gut that you needed to get a puppy. However, after telling your daughter about it, she blurts out that you are too old to get one. 

Adding a four-legged furry friend may seem like an unconventional journey to some. In all rights, thinking you are too advanced to care for a little furry angel makes sense. But does the weight of the responsibility measure up to the joy that a puppy can bring? 

In this article, we give you raw details about what it means to get a puppy at 74. Our guide offers insights on puppy responsibilities and what you should know before getting one in your 70s. 

Is 74 Too Old To Get a Puppy? (Quick Answer)

Puppies demand lots of care and attention. While age alone doesn’t necessarily determine one’s ability to care for a puppy, it’s essential to consider physical fitness, energy levels, and the time and effort required to train and care for a young and active animal.

Is 74 Too Old To Get a Puppy?

Age should not be a strict limitation if you are in good health, have the energy and time to devote to a puppy, and are committed to providing proper care throughout the dog’s life.

Things You Should Know Before Adopting a Puppy

Getting a puppy at 74 can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Still, it’s essential to consider several factors to ensure you and the puppy have a positive and healthy relationship.

Your Health

Puppies have high energy and require regular exercise. When you are a puppy owner, your energy should match theirs. Before getting a puppy, consider whether you have the physical stamina to handle walks, playtime, and other activities. Ensure you can move comfortably and bend down easily for activities like feeding, grooming, and picking up after the puppy.


Having a puppy means adjusting how you live to accommodate your new companion. Puppies thrive on routine. Ensure you have the time and commitment to establish a consistent schedule for feeding, bathroom breaks, playtime, and training.

Is 74 Too Old To Get a Puppy?

Remember, puppies need socialisation to become well-adjusted adults. Ensure you can expose them to various people, environments, and experiences. Proving socialisation for your puppy also means organising a few play dates with other puppies or dogs. 


Owning a puppy is an extra cost. According to Spruce Pets, owning a dog costs between $120 and $820. Hence, you need to be financially prepared for your new responsibilities. 

Is 74 Too Old To Get a Puppy?

For instance, puppies require vaccinations, regular check-ups, and potential emergency care. Make sure you have the financial means to cover these expenses. Also, consider the budget for high-quality puppy food, grooming tools, toys, and other necessary supplies.

Long-Term Commitment

Puppies provide companionship, but it’s essential to consider the long-term commitment. Dogs can live well into their teens, so ensure you’re ready for a long-term relationship. 

This also means that they require long-term care. Identifying whether you can carry through with such a commitment is essential. Remember, puppies need consistent training. You should be patient and willing to invest time in positive reinforcement training methods.

Is 74 Too Old To Get a Puppy?

When unavailable, ensure you have a support system in place. It’s helpful to have family or friends who can assist with pet care or provide help if needed. Have a plan in case of emergencies. Identify someone who can take care of the puppy if you cannot do so temporarily.

Why You Should Get a Puppy At 74

Getting a puppy at 74 can bring numerous benefits, provided you are physically and emotionally prepared to care for a young, energetic pet. Here are some reasons why getting a puppy at 74 might be a positive and enriching experience:

Physical Engagement

Having a puppy can keep you physically active. Regular exercise is crucial for maintaining physical health. Walking, playing, and engaging in activities with a puppy can keep you occupied, promote cardiovascular fitness, and lower the risk of specific health issues.

Social Interaction

Taking care of a puppy involves having to make interactions during walks and play dates. Walking a puppy or taking them to dog-friendly areas can lead to social interactions with other dog owners. This shared interest in pets can facilitate conversations and lead to new friendships. 

Is 74 Too Old To Get a Puppy?

Also, if you are looking into dating in your 70s, having a puppy can make you more desirable and help you meet new people to date. Also, a puppy makes you look approachable and friendly, increasing your chances of interacting with new people. 

Sense Of Purpose

If you have an issue re-discovering your purpose after retirement or in your senior years, getting a puppy can help you live a purposeful life again. Caring for a puppy involves various responsibilities, including feeding, grooming, and training. Taking on these tasks can instil a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

Mental Stimulation

Seniors need a good amount of mental stimulation to thrive. Training a puppy involves problem-solving and consistent communication. This mental stimulation can be beneficial for keeping the mind sharp and may contribute to cognitive well-being. 

A Shot Of Happiness

While a puppy gives you a new life, it can make you happier. Playing with a puppy stimulates the release of oxytocin, the love hormone. Oxytocin regulates stress, anxiety, and depression. A puppy can brighten dull days and help you recover from stressful events. 

Is 74 Too Old To Get a Puppy?

Also, dogs are often protective of their owners and their territory. The presence of a dog can provide a sense of security, offering peace of mind, especially for those living alone.


What Is the Best Age To Own a Puppy?

At eight weeks, a puppy can act independently and is sufficiently weaned, making it the best age to own one. 

What Hormones Are Released When Interacting with a Puppy?

A positive interaction with a puppy releases oxytocin, the love hormone that regulates stress, depression, and anxiety. 

What Age Is a Puppy Considered An Adult?

Puppies mature at the age of 1-2 years. Maturation to adulthood is a process and depends on the dog’s breed. 

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