Is 70 Too Old To Get a Dog?

Is 70 Too Old To Get a Dog?

Age is often measured in memories made, experiences cherished, and the heart’s capacity to embrace new adventures. But introducing a furry friend to your life can be daunting once you clock 70.

In the considerations that shape this decision, age is but one note. There is also the issue of health, lifestyle, and the enduring desire for the unwavering companionship of a furry friend. With so many considerations, it is easy to become numb in choosing between providing care and having friendship.

Join us as we explore the realities of having a dog in your 70s. Dive in and get practical tips to guide you when deciding to get a dog at 70.

Is 70 Too Old To Get a Dog? (Quick Answer)

If you are in good health, have the time and energy to care for a dog, and are committed to meeting its needs, then age alone should not be a barrier. However, getting a dog breed and size that aligns with your capabilities and preferences is essential. Some dog breeds require more exercise and attention than others.

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting a Dog at 70

Is 70 Too Old To Get a Dog?

Getting a dog in your senior year is a significant decision, especially if you have never had one. Below are the things you should understand before getting a dog at 70:

Dog’s Lifespan

The lifespan of a dog can guide you when making a choice. It is essential to consider several factors concerning the dog. For example, if a dog can live between 10 and 18 years, you must think whether you can care for that long.

Is 70 Too Old To Get a Dog?

When taking in a dog, consider your health and capacity to care for it throughout its life. If the life expectancy is 78, and you get a dog with ten more years to live at 76, the dog could outlive you. Hence, it is essential to make these considerations when choosing a dog.

If you have family members who are willing to provide care for the dog when you can’t, you can go ahead and choose a dog without paying much consideration to its lifespan.

Additional Costs

Caring for a dog is an additional cost that needs careful budgeting. The Spruce Pets valuates caring for a dog between $120-$800. The cost varies depending on the breed and on the dog’s needs.

Understanding the needs of the particular dog you want to get is essential before taking the dog home. Knowing the costs can help you create a monthly budget and ensure the dog lives comfortably within your means.

Dog’s Activity Level

As a 70-year-old, matching your energy levels with your dog’s activity level is essential. While an active dog can help you remain physically active and engaged, a hyperactive dog whose activity level is much above yours can be tiring.

Is 70 Too Old To Get a Dog?

Ensure that your dog does not slow you down or make it hard for you to keep up with its activity levels. Before getting the dog, research the breed and the activity levels as the dog ages.

Why You Should Get a Dog At 70

Whether you want a dog to curl up on the couch and watch a game or one to keep you active, below are some of the reasons why getting a dog at 70 is a good idea:

You Get To Socialize

Having a dog can help you connect with new people and create friendships. For example, it is easier to meet people while walking your dog at the park than when knitting on your chair. Also, dogs make you look approachable and friendly.

If you want to build more social connections, having a dog is an excellent boost to the chances of meeting and talking to new people.

Regular Exercise

When you have a dog, you can go for walks every day. The daily walks do not just benefit your dog but are also great for your body. Seniors need to remain active by doing consistent physical exercise. Dog walks and playing with the dog helps you keep your body physically engaged.

Unconditional Companionship

Having a dog provides 24/7 companionship. Dogs are sensitive to human emotions and show more affection when they sense you are feeling sad.

Also, they offer emotional support for seniors experiencing mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. A dog is always with you in the house, making it warm when you do not have human company.

Is 70 Too Old To Get a Dog?

Simply looking at a dog can raise oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is a love hormone that regulates stress, anxiety and pain. While a dog may not solve all your emotional problems, it is a great way to help you through difficult emotions.

Physical Support

Service dogs are specially trained to help their owners do their daily activities when physically challenged. If you have a physical disability, having a service dog can help you become more independent and move around swiftly.

Boosts Attractiveness

If you want to find a partner in your 70s, a dog might be your ticket to landing a few dates. Having a dog can make you look lovable and attractive. Also, friendships that sprout from dog conversations can lead to something more.

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