Interview Questions For Caregivers

Interview Questions For Caregivers

Seniors need someone to look after them in their homes. When looking for a caregiver, careful consideration must be made. It is good to take time and ask questions during the hiring,  to get the best match for your seniors and their well-being.

If your senior has a health condition, it is critical to get a caregiver who will meet professionally meet their needs is so much to look for in the person to take care of your loved one, from their professional qualification to personality and qualities.

Interview Questions For Caregivers

On interview questions for caregivers, it is better to be specific to the exact duties you would like them to perform, rather than asking general questions. Also, be direct on the questions, for example on their work experience, training and certification. If you are in urgent need of a caregiver, we will discuss what you could ask the potential caregiver, to get the best.

Interview Questions For Caregivers ( 5 areas you need to discuss)

Training and professional qualifications

It is essential to know whether the caregiver has had any training, in taking care of a senior. This gives an assurance that they have the needed skills for taking care of an elderly person. Be direct in asking whether about the training. For instance, you can ask: what training have you undergone in regards to taking care of a senior?


Ask for any certificates the caregiver might have. If the caregiver mentions that they have been trained in a particular field, it should be backed up by certification. Beware of fake certificates, especially if there is a particular certificate indicated as a job qualification.

Remember to ask for medical certification. Seniors are sensitive to infections and might contract infection easily. Ask for important certifications like COVID test certification, and immunization.


Ask the caregiver if they have any experience in regards to the specific roles you need them to perform. If your loved one has a certain medical condition, ask the caregiver if they have any experience in taking care of a person with that specific medical condition, as this would make it easier for them to take care of the senior.


If you are interviewing a caregiver who has been employed before, ask for references. For instance, you can as for two or three contacts of their former employer. This is to validate their work experience and get more information on how they work.

Job Description

Talk about the job details. Discuss the scenarios they might encounter. For example, how well they can assist a senior when they need to take a restroom break. Also, let them know about a typical day taking care of your loved one. In case there are any additional skills they need such as driving or cooking, let them know.

Personal Skills To Look For In a Caregiver

Other than professional qualifications like CPR training, there are other qualities that a caregiver should have to work effectively. Consider the following qualities:


Is the caregiver able to understand a senior and what they need? Can the caregiver show empathy towards their feelings? Can they figure out when your loved one needs assistance? Empathy is a needed personal quality when taking care of a senior, especially seniors with medical conditions.


When hiring a caregiver, your interactions can tell you if they are kind. Take keenness in how they talk, and the tone of their voice. Seniors need a high level of kindness during interactions. The caregiver interacts with your loved one the most and kindness is critical.

Positive Energy

The best caregivers for seniors have positive energy. They are lively and jovial. A caregiver needs to be positive and cheerful around your loved one. With a simple interaction, you can tell if a caregiver has this energy.

What Should a Caregiver Know Before You Hire Them?

Once you have identified your best candidate, there are things they should know before they start the job. Consider letting them know the following:

  • Any medical conditions that your loved one might have
  • Household organization and tour
  • The daily routine of the person receiving care
  • House rules like receiving guests
  • Any urgent appointments that the person receiving care has
  • Emergency protocols
  • For caregivers who will stay with a senior, familiarization with their environment is important


Before hiring a caregiver, it is important to talk through everything and to know them well. This is done by asking questions and creating a conversation with them. To get the best caregiver who matches exactly what you need, ask every question necessarily.

We have grouped the questions into categories such as experience, certification, training, and references. Exhaust any questions within the categories and add any other thing that you feel you need to know. As you interact with potential caregivers for a senior, study their personality keenly as this is crucial in caregiving.

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