Interior Door Locks for Dementia Patients

Interior Door Locks for Dementia Patients

The reality of having dementia not only changes the health of the dementia patient but also requires changes in the way of life. Dementia patients develop wandering behavior which requires a change in the interior door locks to keep them from wandering.

If you choose home care over nursing homes for dementia, you have to equip the house with dementia-friendly facilities. Interior door locks not only keep dementia patients from wandering, but it also helps limit their movements in rooms where they can cause damage or harm themselves.

If you want to keep your loved one with dementia from wandering, we have tested and reviewed some great interior door locks for dementia patients. Here are the top picks:

Interior Door Locks for Dementia Patients (Reviewed)

Prime-Line S 4180 Door Knob

This is a good door lock if you would like to protect your loved one with dementia from wandering off outside. The lock prevents the turning of the knob and blocks access to the keyhole. It is also the best door lock to prevent dementia patients from accessing some of the rooms in the house.

The door lock is made of durable diecast material. Dementia patients sometimes have irritability and can try and damage the door knob. The diecast material is hardy and can resist any attempts to break it.

Instead of hiding the key from your loved one with dementia, you can use this door lock for their safety. It is perfect for dementia patients who tend to allow people in the house.

This door lock does not need you to have a door knob expert install it. It is a one-step installation door lock. You only need to place the lock on the doorknob.


  • It is hardy
  • Easy installation
  • Enhances security


  • Can pinch your fingers

GeekTale Smart Door knob

If you want to apply more technology in the interior door lock, the geek tale smart door knob is an awesome option for dementia patients. This door knob allows you to access rooms in the house with hands off.

It is the perfect door knob for caregivers who want to keep dementia patients safe in the house, and at the same time avoid the hustle of running from room to room to unlock the door for them.

This door knob comes with an unlock up, biometrics unlock, and emergency key unlocks. You can monitor a dementia patient’s attempts to unlock the door through the smart app. The door knob has a classical design that is friendly to dementia patients.

You can install this lock in rooms that you do not want dementia patients to access if they are unsupervised. The knob lock has a 30-day hassle-free return policy and a supportive technical staff.


  • Features modern technology
  • It has 3 modes to unlock
  • Has a smart app to track unlock attempts
  • Friendly return policy


  • It is pricey

MiLocks TKK-02SN Tkk-Sn Digital

Dementia patients suffer from memory lapses and sometimes misplace keys. This knob lock is the best option if you want to avoid stress from key misplacement. This door knob is keyless and comes with the advantage of simplicity.  It features a simple keypad to get to the door unlocked.

This door knob is perfect for interiors, especially if you want to keep the closet locked or the bedroom locked for dementia patients who sleepwalk. It is convenient to use for bedrooms at night. It has a backlit keypad that allows easy usage when you need to access the bedroom of a dementia patient.

The doorknob is operated with batteries and has a low battery alert. It can be customized to have the same key code for several doors if you need to install several door knobs instead of having different codes for all the doors. The door knob is dementia friendly because it features actual buttons instead of a touch screen.


  • Backlit keypad
  • Features a simple key code
  • Easy to install
  • It is keyless
  • Simple to program


  • The beep is loud

TEEHO TE002 Keyless Entry Door Lock

This interior door lock is an amazon bestseller. It has a unique one-time code that is convenient for dementia patients. You can have the temporary code that gets deleted after use for dementia patients who have memory lapses. The temporary code is also convenient if you want the dementia patient to have access to a certain room at limited times or with supervision.

This door lock features aluminum material, making it damage resistant and stable enough for locking a door. It has 20 access code keys, which is perfect for a household with many people. Each person can have a different code, as preferred.

The door lock needs only a screwdriver for installation.


  • It features 20 codes
  • Has a temporary code feature
  • Made of aluminum
  • One year warranty


  • It requires the initial fingerprint to delete a fingerprint

Buyer’s Guide for Interior Door Locks for Dementia Patients


Metal door locks are the best for dementia patients. They can withstand any episode of a dementia patient trying to get through the lock by force.


If you do not want to incur the cost of hiring someone to install the lock for you, the best option is to buy a lock you can install yourself. Some door locks feature one-step installation, and others simply need a screwdriver to install.

Locking Technique

There are interior locks with keys, some use biometrics, and others use passcodes. Keyless locks are convenient for dementia patients who misplace keys. Locks with passcodes are also good if you need to keep dementia patients away from some rooms in the house.


Keeping your house convenient and favorable for dementia patients is one way to make it easier for caregivers. Interior locks that are dementia friendly are the best to keep things around the house safe and the dementia patient safe from wandering falls and allowing strangers in.

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