How to increase swing speed for seniors

How To Increase Swing Speed For Seniors

As one grows older, the swing speed decreases. The swing speed is affected by the decrease in flexibility of seniors. Nevertheless, we cannot conclude that the swing speed will keep decreasing. There are tips one can apply to increase swing speed as aging approaches.

Golf is among the most interesting activities for seniors to engage in. It is fun, involving, and physically engaging. It is a fulfilling way to have fun, exercise, and socialize with friends. If you are a member of a golf club and have been golfing for a while, it’s sad to feel that your game is deteriorating.

Increasing swing speed helps with improving golfing for seniors. Read on to identify practical tips on how to increase swing speed for seniors, to make golf as fun as it used to be before.

How To Increase Swing Speed For Seniors

To increase swing speed for seniors, it is good to first identify what might be slowing down your speed. First, it is critical to use the right equipment for golfing. This depends on your age. Getting the appropriate equipment can increase swing speed. With the right equipment and good body positioning, swing speed should improve.

Easy Tips On How To Increase Swing Speed For Seniors

Use the Right Equipment

If you have been golfing for a long time and use the same equipment you used ten years ago, this might be why your swing speed is below average. The right equipment eases golf and helps increase swing speed.

Seniors need lighter equipment to improve swing speed. This means giving up older and heavier equipment and investing in hybrid equipment and modified equipment that is uniquely made for seniors.

Work Out More

Flexibility comes when your body is in shape. This does not mean losing a lot of weight. Seniors need to do regular exercise to loosen up some muscles. Before you go golfing, do some exercises for flexibility.

If you have a workout plan, follow through with it consistently. As you focus on maintaining your whole body in shape, take keenness on the body parts that are an issue when golfing.

Get the Best Fitting Grip

Some seniors have a loosened grip as a result of health issues like arthritis. To help with this, ensure that you get the correct fitted grip for your hand size. This will ensure that the club is properly secured.

Adjust Your Posture

To increase swing speed, changing the way you position yourself is helpful. If you are used to having your feet straight, try tilting the about 20  or 30 degrees sideways. Also, position your legs in a more comfortable position to help with flexibility.

Change the Loft

The higher the ball goes, the more distance is covered. Use more loft to help you get the ball higher.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more golf balls you hit, the better your swing becomes. Spend more time doing what you want to be better at. God more often to the golf club and practice swinging to help improve your speed. The more you practice, get more flexible and this improves the swing speed.

How To Hit the Gold Ball Further For Seniors

  • If you are aiming to hit the golf ball further, practice this:
  • Focus on using golf swing basics and tricks instead of using your strength when hitting the golf ball
  • Focus on controlling the way you hit the ball and not the distance you want to cover.
  • Let the swing come from your body through to your arms
  • Adjust your body to a position of flexibility without bending fundamental golf posture rules


What is the average golf spin speed for seniors?

For seniors 60  years and above, the average speed is 70mph. If you are a senior, younger than 60 years, your average speed should be 90 mph. If you are below average, it means you need to work on your swing speed by applying the tips mentioned above. If your speed is higher or in alignment with the average speed, keep it up.

How many yards should a senior hit the golf ball?

A senior should hit the golf ball 204 yards on average. How far a golf ball is hit depends on the speed. The more speed a senior has, the further they can hit the golf ball.


Golf is one of the top activities to indulge in for seniors. It is something seniors grow old with. Golf skills such as swing speed decrease with age because of physical factors. When the flexibility of a senior’s body decreases, so does their swing speed.

While there are more complex ways to increase the swing speed of a senior, the most basic is getting better equipment that is well suited for seniors and keeping your body in shape. Doing regular exercise is essential to keep the body flexible for a better swing. 

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