How To Increase Club Head Speed For Seniors

How To Increase Club Head Speed For Seniors

If you love golf and like improving on your game, keeping your club head speed at a great place is important. As aging comes along, the club head speed decreases. Seniors sometimes have trouble maintaining their golf game.

Being senior doesn’t have to mean that your golfing becomes weaker or worse with time. There are tips you can apply to keep it amazing as a senior.

Part of how to increase club head speed for seniors involves applying a few tricks on how you position your body when hitting the golf ball. In the course of this article, you’ll be well equipped with practical ways how to increase club head speed for seniors.

How To Increase Club Head Speed For Seniors

Your club head speed will increase when you position your feet better. Try tilting your feet at a 30 degrees angle when hitting the golf ball. Body posture also matters. You have to be comfortable and flexible when swinging.

How To Increase Club Head Speed For Seniors (tips to apply)

To get ahead of your age and increase your club head speed, here’s what you should do:


Using the wrong equipment is a major cause of the decrease in club head speed for seniors. Your number one thing to do is ensure that the equipment you use in golfing is perfect for you. For seniors the best equipment has the following features:

It is lightweight.

Light weight equipment is easy to handle and gives you a benefit with club head speed.


Hybrid balls are made to make it easier to hit and achieve more distance.

Age appropriate

It is critical to change your golf equipment as you progress in age. Probably, you might be using equipment that is made for a 40-year-old at 60.

Consistently change your equipment.

Fitting equipment

Does your equipment fit your hand grip? If not, get one that fits your hand to increase the club head speed.

Feet Positioning

How you position your feet at the setup matters. To get more club head speed, try pointing out your feet at a 30-degree angle. This allows you to rotate your chest more and thus increasing the club head speed.

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Tilt Your Upper Body

This is how it works:

  • Tilt your lead hip towards the target, just a little bit
  • Tilt your chest against the target a little bit

In that position, you can hit the ball upwards which gives you an advantage in covering more distance.

Take Note of Your Balance

When you are worried about your balance and feel like you might fall, your swing speed is affected. To prevent this, it is important to improve your balance. You can try positioning your legs a little further apart to get more balance.

Tips to Getting a Better Swing For Seniors

Focus on Arm Motions

Instead of making more body motions when swinging, focus on fully engaging your arms when swinging. This means that your arms will move more than your body when taking a swing.

Try Feet Together

If you want to achieve more motion in your arms, position your feet together when hitting the ball. This increases motion in your arms.

Right left

The right-left technique helps with balance and increases club head speed. Try this,

  • When you swing the club on your right, your weight should go on the right side of your body.
  • When you swing the club on your left, tilt your body to the left side so that your weight is on the left.

Fitness and Golf

Fitness is a key factor when it comes to physically engaging games. Regular exercise is important to improve your golfing.

Keep engaging your body in exercise. Having an exercise routine is a great option if you do not already have one.

If you have any issues with flexibility, focus on keeping your arms and legs and your whole body flexible.

Tips To Increase Swing Speed For Seniors

Swing Speed is also affected by age. To maintain your swing speed and increase it, try these tips:

  • Get the right equipment
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get a golf coach for seniors
  • Practice a regular consistent routine
  • Engage in golf training sessions online or physically


When club head speed decreases with age, the best thing is to apply tips to improve yourself. Good golfing is learned and can be improved by applying recommended tips. The use of the right equipment is crucial for senior golfers and goes a long way in increasing the club head speed.

The way you position your body also contributes to your game. Ensure you are comfortable and flexible enough before taking a swing. Body posture is important for seniors in golf. Keep up with your exercise routine to help your body with stability and flexibility.

Remember to apply the tips that help with balance as mentioned above.

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