How To Hit Longer Drive For Seniors

How To Hit Longer Drive For Seniors

Growing older is a thrilling experience. You get to value experiences more than things. Having great moments as a senior is valuable, even more than buying more property.

Golfers who have hit 60 or are approaching 60 will tell you that maintaining the game is tough. There is a decrease in drive distance. You may also notice a decrease in club head speed and general swing speed.

Getting worse at golf is not pleasant, especially for passionate golfers. This could make one feel less motivated to play.

There are practical tips on how to hit longer drives for seniors that you can easily apply. With more practice and a few changes, you might be surprised at how much improvement you will make.

How To Hit Longer Drive For Seniors

Hitting longer drives for seniors has much to do with the equipment used for golfing, body posture, and body fitness. There’s much information on how to hit longer drive for seniors, here’s what you can do easily:


The right equipment will get you far in improving your golfing. Getting the best equipment not only helps with drives but also helps with golf in general. This is what the best golf equipment for a senior has:


If you have been using heavy golf equipment, your game will keep getting worse. Light equipment, especially the club helps with your swing. With light equipment, you can hit a long drive.

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Skill suited

If you can, get a golf consultant for the best equipment for your skill set. Identify your strengths and weaknesses in your game and get the equipment that covers your weaknesses and amplifies your strengths.

Up to date equipment

Maybe you have been using your club for 15 years and have grown attached to it. This might be an issue for your drive. The equipment should be up to date. Modern golf equipment has modified features to better your game.

The other disadvantage of using old equipment is that it is no longer fit for your age, and skill set.


Your body needs to be fit for golf. If you have struggled with keeping fit, this manifests in your game too.

Have you been following up on your routine exercises? This is critical for a senior golfer. Keeping fit to hit a long drive does not have to be an extra hour of exercise every day.

Follow through with your gym or home exercise schedule. Taking walks, lifting weights and other exercises can improve your game significantly.

Tip: do not stretch your body too hard. Maintain the exercises your body can handle consistently.


How much your body stretches counts on the golf course. Your body needs regular stretching to relax muscles.

Before you get to the golf course, take a while to stretch. After a game, you need to stretch to loosen stiff muscles.

If you can do yoga, this is a great idea to work on your flexibility, general fitness, and improved mental health.

Golf Grip

Your golf grip matters when you want to hit a long drive. The gold grip is also critical in swing speed and club head speed.

If you are uncomfortable with the grip, this will affect your swing. The grip should feel comfortable.

A gold grip that feels too loose is not okay. one that feels too tight is also not okay. The grip should feel firm but relaxed enough for you to focus your muscles on the swinging.

Positioning the Left Heel

When your left heel is on the ground, getting a good rotation while you swing is a little hard for seniors. To get a better rotation that will result in longer distances, lift your left foot a bit from the ground.

More Loft

Using more loft gives you an advantage when launching. It helps get the ball higher in the air, making it possible to get more distance.

Releasing your hands

When taking a swing, release your hands. Do not keep them stiff. Released hands help with the ball rolling out far than when your hands are stiff.

Key Things To Note For Senior Golfers

  • Your equipment should fit your skills
  • Investing in newer equipment is an advantage
  • Light equipment helps with hitting a longer drive, swing speed, and club head speed
  • Your body needs to be flexible to get better at your game
  • Hip rotation is great for senior golfers
  • How you position your feet matters more as a senior golfer
  • Test golf equipment before settling on one


The choices you make on the golf equipment to use as a senior are important for the game. Be critical in choosing your equipment by testing it first. When you go wrong with the equipment it’s hard to improve in golf.

The best tips to apply to hit longer drives for seniors are the ones that will not overstretch your body. Making too many changes may harm your game.

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