How To Get Someone In a Nursing Home With No Money

How To Get Someone In a Nursing Home With No Money

Nursing home care is quite expensive and one might run out of money in the middle of a stay in a nursing home. Navigating through financial scarcity when health is involved is a stressful affair.

Often, people living in nursing homes start with a solid financial plan, but things get tough in the middle. The truth is, long-term stay in a nursing home is expensive and sometimes people get kicked out for non-payment.

There are insurance covers like Medicare that cover stays in nursing homes on a short-term basis. However, when they run out, the financial burden of living in a nursing home might become too heavy.

In this article, we navigate through options of how to get someone in a nursing home with no money, and how to keep them there for the required period.

How to Get Someone In a Nursing Home With No Money (Try This First)

If you have limited resources and need to get someone into a nursing home, there are a few ways you can get into one. Try applying for Medicaid. However, to get Medicaid, you need to have your assets checked and your income level should match their qualifications.

5 Ways to Get Someone In a Nursing Home With No Money

Selling Assets

If your loved has valuable assets that can be sold, it is a good option. Health is more important than keeping or retaining assets. If the nursing home stay is permanent, you can consider selling their house, especially if they live alone.

Before selling any assets, it is good to consult an assets attorney to offer you advice and guidance on the best way to sell the assets.


If your loved one needs only to be in a nursing home for a short period, this is a good option for you. Medicare covers short-term stays. If you have a medicare policy, take advantage of the policy to get your loved one into a nursing home.

Medicare can also come in handy to admit someone in a nursing home while waiting for another financial aid or while waiting to sell personal assets.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance should offset the financial burden of living in a nursing home, especially for a long-term stay. If you do not have it, consult with an insurance expert to guide you on the best options.


If you get Medicaid, your loved one gets covered for as long as they need to stay in a nursing home. Medicaid covers those who have depleted their assets and have low to no income. You need to meet Medicaid qualifications to get covered. These qualifications differ according to state.

After you have Medicaid in place, find a nursing home that takes Medicaid for payment. Some nursing homes have limited admissions for Medicaid or do not take in Medicaid nursing home residents. Nursing homes sometimes prefer cash payments or Medicare.

Veteran Affairs

Veteran affairs benefits can help a great deal to pay for nursing home costs. Find out whether your loved one qualifies for the veteran affairs policy to help cover their nursing home care stay.

How to Manage Nursing Home Costs

While nursing home costs are expensive, you can find a way to minimize the costs. Apply these tips to economize a nursing home stay:

Do Not Sign Up For Extra Amenities

Extra costs such as salon or barber fees can be done away with to minimize costs. Find alternatives for your loved one to have their hair groomed instead of paying for those services at the nursing home.

Opt For a Shared Room

Private rooms in nursing homes cost more than shared rooms. Instead of having a private room, a shared room not only costs less but also gets your loved one great company and the joy of having a roommate.

Go For an Affordable Nursing Home

As long as a nursing home has the facilities your loved one needs, it is okay to go for it.  Some of the best nursing homes are not that expensive. If your nursing home matches your checklist, it is good enough.


What Is the Highest Source Of Payment For Nursing Homes?

Medicaid is the highest source of payment to nursing homes. It makes at least 45% of payments to nursing homes. Medicaid is a great option for seniors with no means to pay for their nursing home costs.

Can You Force Someone Into a Nursing Home?

You cannot put someone in a nursing home against their will if they are of sound mind and can make their decisions. The only way to do this is to obtain guardianship which is acquired when someone is incapacitated.

How Much Do Nursing Homes Cost?

Nursing home monthly costs amount to $7900 a month for a minimized plan. Other expensive packages could amount to hundreds of thousands a month depending on the nursing home and the amenities provided.

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