How to Get Someone Admitted to a Nursing Home

How to Get Someone Admitted to a Nursing Home

The journey of having a loved one admitted to a nursing home is intense and has an impact emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially.

Getting someone admitted to a nursing home involves the process of getting them ready for the nursing home, sorting out pending financial and medical issues, as well as completing all the paperwork as required by the nursing home.

It is often a long and draining process and can be hectic especially when you need to get your loved one admitted within a short period.

To avoid the stress and exhaustion that comes with trying to figure out the admission in a hurry, this article has outlined everything you need to know on how to get someone admitted to a nursing home.

Checklist on How to Get Someone Admitted to a Nursing Home

Anything is easier done with a checklist or a to-do list. If you are in the process of getting someone admitted to a nursing home here’s what you should start with:

Check-in With Your Loved One’s Feelings

Ask your loved one how they feel about the whole transition. You can ask regular questions about their expectations for their new life in the nursing home.

It is also important that you involve them in every decision. This helps them feel at ease with the whole process instead of just deciding everything. It also helps with combating feelings of neglect, especially for seniors.

If your loved one is having a hard time adjusting to the upcoming change or is feeling overwhelmed by the whole process, you can seek professional counseling for them.

Settle on a Nursing Home

This is one of the initial steps in getting someone admitted to a nursing home. You need to pick the ideal nursing home. There is a checklist for choosing a nursing home which includes:

  • Check the facilities in the home
  • Ensure there is enough staff
  • Do professional and background checks, as well as reviews for staff working in the nursing home
  • Get acquainted with the admission process and how they run the nursing home
  • Enquire about the routine
  • Enquire about diet and medical facilities
  • Check the budget

Note that there are special nursing homes like a nursing home for dementia which have special facilities and professionals to take care of the extra needs of residents. If your loved one has dementia or any other condition, ensure that the nursing home has the right professionals and facilities.

Prepare For Funding

Living in a nursing home is not cheap. You need to plan, budget, and make adjustments to finances. If you are paying for your loved one, you need to plan.

For instance, if your loved one is getting admitted for an indefinite period, plan finances for at least one year.

Short-term stays in nursing homes are easier, and only need a budget for the amount of time your loved one will spend in the facility.

Medical insurance or any insurance that can cover a nursing home admission come in handy during this period. Consider Medicaid or Medicare, as well as other insurance covers for a person admitted to a nursing home.

Involve the Doctor

To get someone admitted to a nursing home, you need a doctor to prescribe this. If your loved one has a doctor they have been walking with, it is important to make an appointment for a prescription.

The doctor also recommends treatment, supplements, or therapy if one is ailing. The doctor’s prescription is what the nursing home puts in the records for reference.

Perform Required  Medical Tests

For a person to be admitted to a nursing home, there are medical tests they need to take. For instance, your loved one might be required to take a TB test, Covid test, or any other test for airborne diseases.

Avoid doing the required tests last minute as it could delay admission. Taking the tests early allows your loved one to feel more settled and ready for admission to  the nursing home.

Consult a Lawyer

This is also an important thing to do to get someone admitted to a nursing home. If your loved one has businesses, work, or dependents, you should consult on how to effectively manage the business or finances.

Sometimes, the person getting admitted to the nursing home might be incapacitated and unable to make decisions. The lawyer helps with legal issues such as getting the power of attorney.

A good lawyer can also assist in the interpretation of insurance coverage, retirement benefits acquisition, and other legal matters.

Pack Essentials

After you are done with legal and medical steps, it’s time to pack for admission. The best way to beat forgetting important personal stuff is to have a list of everything your loved one needs.

Tips for Packing for Admission to a Nursing Home

  • Have a list of what is allowed in the nursing home
  • Pack all the sentiments including photos, artwork, books, jewelry, blankies, or any other sentimental
  • Shop in advance for personal effectiveness and toiletries
  • Pack according to the weather, bearing in mind cold nights and warm days
  • Involve the person getting admitted in every step of packing
  • Make packing fun, for instance, listen to their favorite music as you pack
  • Do not pack too early. This might make your loved one feel as if you can’t wait for them to get admitted to the nursing home

Spend Time with Your Loved One

Before the date of admission to the nursing home, do something fun with your loved one. Spending time with them gives them affirmation that you are there, and that they are not alone. It also helps relax them and calm any anxiety they might feel concerning their admission.

Confirm the Admission Requirements

Keep in touch with the nursing home of choice. Confirm details of admission, the procedure, and home long it takes. Also, go through the rules of admission if the nursing home has them.

Keep Time

After the robust preparations and the admission day is here, keep time so that you have ample time to get admitted with ease and not in a hurry.


The longest and most crucial part of getting someone admitted to a nursing home is preparation. This article has detailed what you need to do to adequately prepare and get someone checked into a nursing home, to make it easier for you.

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