How to Find a Nursing Home For a Loved One

How to Find a Nursing Home For a Loved One

Unfortunately, there are physical and mental conditions that require one to live in a place where one can access professional care. Nursing homes are a great option.

While there are lots of online resources on nursing homes, online research cannot compare to visiting the nursing home options in person.

First, you need to get information about nursing homes before going out to check them in person. If this is the first time you are searching for a nursing home for a loved one, we have a checklist for selecting the best nursing home to make things easier for you.

How to Find a Nursing Home for a Loved One (Do this First)

If your loved one has a medical issue that requires them to be in a nursing home, the first thing to do is ask their doctor to recommend some facilities. Recommendations are often the best options because the doctor is aware of the facilities in those nursing homes.

It is also a great idea to ask your friends or trusted colleagues to recommend some options. If you know someone who has been to a nursing home or who has a loved one in a nursing home, ask them for recommendations.

Asking for recommendations helps you know where to start, and saves you the tedious process of visiting too many nursing homes. It helps you have a smaller list that is easier to navigate.

Fastest Way To Find a Nursing Home For a Loved One

Know Your Priorities

Narrowing down everything you want into a list helps eliminate the nursing homes that do not check out on the list. This includes knowing the kind of facilities your loved one needs if they have a medical condition.

Does Distance Matter?

The location of the nursing home is a key thing to consider before you decide to get your loved one admitted to the nursing home. The distance determines how often you can visit a parent in the nursing home.

It is essential to have a close relative living near the nursing home in case of any emergencies, and for ease of visiting schedules.


When planning to get someone admitted to a nursing home, you should have a budget. Some insurances cover nursing home costs fully like Medicaid, but you should discuss this with the insurance first.

If you are relying on your budget, your list of options should be within your budget. Consider the budget and get options within the budget, then pick the best facility.

Visiting the Nursing Home Options In Person

Once you have narrowed down your list to some possible options, take a visit to each nursing home to get the best one. This might be time-consuming but it is the best way to find a good nursing home for your loved one. When you visit the nursing home in person, these are the things you should check:

The Meal Plan

Part of a good stay in a nursing home is the meals. When you visit the homes, ensure you have a taste of what they offer on the menu.


Interact with the staff at the facility so that you may know how professional they are. Also, find out if the staff is well trained and experienced in taking care of nursing home residents. Another important thing to find out about the staff is how many they are and the ratio of staff to residents.

Check Out the Activities

Unfortunately, there are nursing home facilities where they just put seniors in wheelchairs all the time instead of engaging them in useful activities. Check out all the activities, and enquire about the classes offered, whether there are games and any other social activities that are done in the facility.

Observe the Swiftness

Know how responsive the staff is to the needs of residents. If you find the nursing home residents queueing for meals or medicine, this is not a good sign. Also take note of how the admin handles visitors, inquiries as well as complaints.

Do Not Ignore the Reviews

Check if there are any reviews on the facility’s website to know how others who have had experience in the nursing home feel. This should give you an insight into the things you might have missed during your physical visit.


When Should You Put Someone Into a Nursing Home?

The age at which you can put someone into a nursing home is not determined. You can put someone into a nursing home when they are unable to live on their own and require full-time care.

Who Decides When a Loved One Needs To Stay In a Nursing Home?

The doctor may recommend for someone stay in a nursing home. However, a close relative determines whether their loved one should be in a nursing home.

Should an 80-year-old Live Alone?

If they can take care of their own needs and live a good life, there is no reason for them not to live alone. The problem comes in when they cannot do basic things like eat, take a shower, or move around on their own.  

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