How To Choose a Nursing Home For Dementia

How To Choose a Nursing Home For Dementia

When the need for constant care becomes more than how much you can give to a senior, the best option for them is a nursing home. With life getting busier, it is hard to deliver quality and consistent care to our aging parents or grandparents.

Age comes with lots of demands, especially in living. The things that a senior would normally do without struggle become hard to perform with age.

Dementia is among the common health conditions among seniors. Unfortunately, seniors living with dementia keep deteriorating. There are necessary changes that one needs to make for a loved one to be safe and taken care of.

Nursing homes are an amazing option that provides full-time care and support for seniors living with dementia. They are the best alternative for seniors who are unable to live by themselves and those who do not have someone available to live with them.

Nursing home options are many. But in this case, we want to get the best for seniors living with dementia. 

How To Choose a Nursing Home For Dementia (Read this First)

If you are looking for a nursing home for an elderly person with dementia, there is a checklist to guide you in making a perfect decision. The most basic thing to look for is facilities, reception, meal options, staffing, compound amenities, engaging activities, hygiene conditions, reviews, and budget.

Here are factors to consider when looking for a nursing home for dementia:


A good nursing home for dementia should be equipped with essential facilities for seniors to feel comfortable. The nursing home should have enough wheelchairs, grab rails, bath steps, and any other facilities that seniors need.

When you visit potential nursing homes for your loved one, check whether they have every facility that a senior needs to live comfortably.


The nursing home staff is the backbone of the institution. They are what makes a nursing home an amazing place for seniors with dementia or a nightmare. To choose the best nursing home for dementia, some of the things you need to know concerning the staff are:

  • Qualifications and certification
  • The exact number of staff per patient
  • Any record of mistreatment
  • The personality type of most staff
  • Rules and ethics that guide the staff

If you can, interact with the staff whenever you visit the nursing home. During these interactions, you can tell more than just the information given at the front desk.

Location and Accessibility

It is not recommended to put seniors with dementia in nursing homes that are too far from home. The facility needs to be accessible, not only for their benefit but also for your peace of mind.

Knowing you can visit your loved one anytime without planning a trip is better. Visiting a senior in a nursing home shouldn’t be a one-hour drive; it is best to place them in a home you can access within minutes.


The level of cleanliness in a nursing home should be high. A clean environment creates a good atmosphere for seniors with dementia to thrive. Find out how often they do laundry, room services, and general cleaning.

Size and Structure

Seniors living with dementia should not be contained in a space too small. Small spaces limit room for development in nursing homes. You can tell if a nursing home is pressed for space by the space left for parking and the size of the router rooms.

Activities In the Nursing Home

It is important to know what activities seniors living in the nursing home engage in all day. This includes:

  • Exercises that seniors engage in
  • Gym facilities if any
  • Games, for instance, tennis or golf
  • Screen time for seniors


One of the most common complaints in nursing homes is food. Dementia requires your loved one to feed well. Before signing up, take a look at the menu and the dining area. It is also good to pop in during meal times to see if those in the home eat what is written on the menu.

Ask whether they have a special diet to cater to seniors with food allergies. Also, enquire about assisted feeding for those who are unable to feed themselves.


Nursing homes are not cheap. If you want the best care and assistance for your loved one, you must be prepared to pay the price. With most nursing homes ranging from $4500 a month, you have to be adequately prepared.

If nursing homes are a permanent option for you, ensure that you have a plan to sustain your parents or grandparents in the nursing home. Remember that a nursing home can kick you out for failing to pay.


Do not ignore reviews about any potential nursing home. Reviews might open your eyes to a red flag you might have seen.

Tip: once you settle on a nursing home, take time to adequately prepare your loved one for the experience and the change they are about to face. It is good to validate how they feel about nursing homes and comfort them.


Choosing a nursing home might not be easy, but once you know what to look for, it is easier to get the best facility. Take note of the staff, facilities, meals, hygiene, and location of the nursing home as all these factors are crucial for seniors.

All the critical things to look out for have been highlighted and explained. Remember to follow your gut at every level of decision-making.

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