How Often to Visit Parent In Nursing Home

How Often to Visit Parent In Nursing Home

The journey of having a good quality of life in a nursing home for seniors does not end with choosing a nursing home and getting them admitted into a good nursing home. You have to work through and plan a visiting schedule.

The first few weeks or months in a nursing home require many adjustments for seniors, and you might feel obligated to be there every day to help your parent feel comfortable in the new environment.

Professionals in the nursing home often advise it is better to allow your parent to adjust to their new life on their own. However, frequent visits might work positively toward settling them in.

If you just put your parent in a nursing home and are struggling with visiting schedules, this article gives a keener look at how frequent your visits should be to help you work through the dilemma.

How Often to Visit Parent In Nursing Home (Quick Answer)

While visiting a parent at the nursing home might mean fun and a great time together, this is not often the case. To be honest, getting admitted into a nursing home is not fun.

If visiting your parent at the nursing home creates emotional stress for you or them, it is best to minimize the number of visits to a few times a year. However, if your visits do good to you and your parent, you can make them consistently 1 or 2 times a month.

How to Determine the Number Of Times to Visit a Parent In a Nursing Home

The frequency in which to visit your parent in a nursing home is often circumstantial, as different parents have diverse conditions and react differently to visits. Before you decide to be visiting 3 times a year or twice a month, here are a few factors that can guide the number of visits:


It is advisable to check a loved one into a nursing home near where you live or near a relative.  However, this might not work for you as you might live far from the nursing home.

If your parent lives in a nursing home far from where you live, this could be a key factor in determining how often you visit them. If you live close to the nursing home, it is easier to make monthly or even weekly visits.

Health Condition of Your Parent

Health conditions such as dementia could make it difficult to interact with a parent, especially due to the confusion and memory loss dementia patients experience. Sometimes, visiting often makes it emotionally unbearable for you or your parent because you cannot maintain a healthy interaction.

If your parent is in a nursing home due to a health condition like dementia, and visiting them does more harm to both of you than good, it is better to minimize the number of visits.

How Long a Parent Has Been in the Nursing Home

The initial stages of living in a nursing home need lots of adjustments. Professionals in the nursing home often advise minimum visits to allow nursing home residents to make adjustments on their own and to get used to their new life.

If your parent just got admitted into the nursing home, it is good to allow them a couple of weeks or months without seeing them too often. After they adjust to the new environment, you can plan on consistent visits.

Tips to Make Nursing Home Visits Great

To get the most out of your visits to your parent in a nursing home, you need to make the experience great. Below are some tips you can apply to make the visiting experience memorable for you and your parent:

Plan in Advance

Making plans for the visit helps relieve feelings of anxiety and helps you feel in control. To plan well, familiarize yourself with your parent’s schedule at the nursing home. Also plan on the cost of the visit so as not to feel financially overwhelmed.

Take Time to Learn Your Parent

Once someone starts living in a nursing home, they change as a person. It is important to allow yourself to learn from your parent as a new person and appreciate the changes.

Bring Sentiments

You can bring old photos or items that are of sentimental value to your parent. This helps them keep home memories alive. You can also bring a home pet along if it’s allowed.

Come Up With Fun Activities

Compile a couple of activities you can enjoy together during your visit. You can also bring fun videos to watch on your tablet, and simple games to play together.

Final Words

The frequency of making visits to a parent in a nursing home depends on a few things like their health condition, how long they have been in the nursing home, and the distance to the nursing. It is also good to allow your parent to adjust to the nursing home during the first few months.

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