How Often Should Seniors Shower?

How Often Should Seniors Shower?

Seniors experience medical issues that make them enjoy their daily routines less than they used to before. Something as natural as taking a shower might see older adults struggle to do.

If you have a senior who struggles to make a daily shower, it is better to dispense with it several days a week.

There are medical conditions that make seniors resist taking a bath like dementia. Other conditions such as immobility make it difficult to take showers alone.

Despite the challenges that make seniors not want to shower, one cannot simply neglect showers as this would create some hygiene issues and sometimes lead to infections.

There are soft ways to get older loved ones to take a shower a few times a week without putting out a fight.

How Often Should Seniors Shower?

It is healthy for seniors to take a bath or shower twice a week to keep their bodies in a healthy and hygienic condition. Seniors don’t need to bathe daily.

If your older loved one has mobility issues or a health condition that prevents them from taking a shower daily, they can at least do it two times a week to prevent skin infections or other body infections such as urinary tract infections.

Most seniors do not engage in physically indulging activities, thus, their bodies can be comfortable with two or three showers a week.

5 Ways Taking Regular Showers Improves the Quality Of Life for Seniors

As you grow old, it is the little routines that better the quality of life. Something as normal as taking a shower can help offload lots of issues in seniors. A good regular shower, a few times a week can do wonders in these ways:

Prevents Infections

Seniors develop skin infections and urinary tract infections due to poor hygiene. Taking Regular Showers help combat such health issues. Bathing two or more times a week helps keep the skin healthy and prevents such infections.

It Prevents Odors

Neglecting body hygiene could lead to unpleasant odors. If a senior has mobility issues, the odors could be worse. Taking Regular weekly showers helps keep seniors healthy and smelling good.

It Improves Mental Health

When one is clean and smells good, it boosts confidence even for seniors and makes them feel great about themselves. Depression, for instance, can have seniors to neglect their hygiene. If your older loved one has a mental health issue that has seen their quality of life deteriorating, getting back to a regular shower routine can significantly boost their mood and improve their well-being.

Improves Bonding

If your older loved one is immobile and you have to help them with a shower, doing this regular times a week strengthens their bond with you. As a caregiver, it also improves trust between you and your loved one.

Improves Sleep

Seniors sometimes have trouble sleeping or maintaining normal hours of sleep. A shower right before bed can magically boost the quality of sleep for seniors. Taking a bath not only relaxes tensed muscles but also relaxes the brain, getting it ready to rest.

How To Make Showers Fun For Seniors

If you are struggling to get a shower done or have an older loved one with the same issue, here are a few ways to make it easier for shower times:

Keep Warm

Sometimes, it is the cold that makes showers impossible for seniors. Before taking a bath, warm up the room by either letting the shower run for a few minutes before a shower or using a room heater the make the bathroom warm. You can also uncover only the parts that are being cleaned instead of the whole body.

Use Interesting Shower Supplies

To make bath time more fun, spice it up with unique soaps and body oils. If your older loved one is comfortable using scented soap, get them a great scent to help them look forward to bath time.

Give a Reward After

Encourage your older loved one to shower by rewarding them afterward. You can do a shoulder or foot massage after a shower to help them relax and look forward to regular showers.

Change the Bathroom Step Up

When seniors have mobility issues or aching joints and muscles, it is important to change the Bathroom and equip it with mobility assistants and get the right furniture to help them move around when taking a shower. There are customized bathtubs for seniors with mobility issues.


It is not easy to get through daily routines such as taking a shower for most older adults. This is caused by deteriorating physical and mental health. However, regular showers must be taken for the good of seniors’ hygiene and health.

If you are a caregiver, encourage your loved one to shower by making it fun and interesting for them. Also ensure that you can have them move around the bathroom in comfort, as well as offer a reward after a shower.

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