How Often Do Married Couples Over 60 Make Love?

How Often Do Married Couples Over 60 Make Love?

Maybe the clock is ticking, and you and your partner are about to hit 60. Or perhaps you are in your early 60s and concerned about the fading of flames of passion in your marriage. 

While passions of youth may fade with the wheel of time, there is one genuine concern: how often do married couples over 60 make love? Making love is essential and integral to a relationship, regardless of age. 

Dive in as we delve into the intricacies of intimacy, where the heart’s desires continue to play a leading role, no matter the age on the calendar.

How Often Do Married Couples Over 60 Make Love? (Quick Answer)

How Often Do Married Couples Over 60 Make Love?

In a detailed research designed to research married couples and the frequency of sex, about 40% of adults in their 60s are sexually active. In addition, the National Poll on Healthy Aging indicated that 73% of adults between 65-72 were sexually satisfied. 

Most women between 60-72 have sex 1-2 times a month, while men between 60-72 have sex about three times a month. There are many factors affecting the varying sexual activity between men and women. 

Sex Factors For Married Couples in Their 60s

How Often Do Married Couples Over 60 Make Love?

Several factors influence the sexual frequencies of couples in their 60s. Some couples have a more sexually active life compared to others. Here are some of the things that affect the frequency of sex for couples in their 60s: 


Physical health plays an essential role in sexual activity for older couples. Individuals with health conditions such as arthritis or other illnesses can have a significant drop in the level of engagement in sex, making the frequency in which the married couple engages in sex low. 

Changes in Hormones 

Both men and women may experience changes in their hormonal levels as they age, which can impact sexual desire and function. 

For instance, after women hit menopause, the hormonal changes may result in vaginal dryness, causing sex to be less desirable, hence affecting the sexual frequency of the couple. The hormone changes also affect emotions, making a woman too upset to engage or enjoy sex. 

Quality of Relationship 

Couples in their 60s also experience fluctuation in the quality of their relationship. They have disagreements that cause a deterioration in the relationship. Couples with good quality relationships are more likely to engage in sex often than couples with hiccups in their relationship quality. 

Personal Preferences 

Some couples prefer other ways of connecting than making love. For instance, some teams in their 60s have fun exploring the world together or being engaged in raising their grandchildren and prioritize other means of connection to having sex. 

Cognitive Decline 

Cognitive conditions such as dementia significantly impact the sex lives of older couples. While the sex life of many couples remains constant after diagnosis, things change as the ailing partner begins to experience cognitive decline. Some may detach from emotional connection and lose the sense of sexual intimacy, while others become excited about having sex with their partner. 

Benefits of Sex for Married Couples Over 60

How Often Do Married Couples Over 60 Make Love?

Married couples over 60 can reap tons of benefits from indulging in sex. These benefits are physical and emotional. Some of the benefits are: 

Good for Physical Health 

Sexual activity can release endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, which may help alleviate pain from conditions such as arthritis. Having sex can also help with cardiovascular health by improving blood flow. 

Emotional Wellness 

Couples over 60 and having sex benefit from releasing oxytocin and endorphins, which can reduce stress and promote relaxation and well-being. Also, making love elevates self-esteem as couples feel desirable and confident when experimenting with sexual moves. 

Better Relationship

For couples over 60, sexual intimacy can strengthen the emotional connection between partners and foster a sense of closeness and intimacy. In addition, sexual satisfaction contributes to overall sexual satisfaction and makes the relationship healthy. Sex also contributes to physical and emotional closeness between partners. 

Better Sex For Couples Over 60 

How Often Do Married Couples Over 60 Make Love?

Even at 60, the quality of sex matters more than simply just having sex. It is essential for each partner to feel satisfied and content with sex more than just fulfilling their responsibility to satisfy their partner. Here are some tips that can help couples over 60 have better sex: 


Married couples over 60 need open and vulnerable communication about their sexual needs and desires. Hence, discuss your wants, conditions, and concerns with your partner. Be willing to listen and be receptive to their feelings and desires. Effective communication can lead to a deeper emotional connection and the best sex. 

Explore New Things 

Being over 60 should not prevent a married couple from exploring new sexual sensations. To keep the spark alive, experiment with new sexual techniques or activities you and your partner are comfortable with. You can also explore making love in different places than you are used to, like taking trips and having sex under the stars or in the pool. Exploration can bring a youthful spark and help you get a deeper connection with your partner. 

Build Your Relationship 

Having a good relationship with your partner can result in high-quality sex. Couples over 60 need to continue building and strengthening their emotional connection outside the bedroom. Quality time, shared interests, and affectionate gestures can contribute to a more satisfying sex life.

Use Products to Make Sex Better

If you have a good relationship, but your sex life is not yet significant, you can use the readily available products to boost your sex life. For instance, women who have vaginal dryness after menopause can get a physician-recommended lubricant to help reduce painful sex. 

Seek a Professional 

If you or your partner are experiencing persistent sexual issues or difficulties, consider consulting a therapist or counselor who works with older adults. They can provide guidance and strategies tailored to your unique situation.

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