How Long to Date Before Marriage In Your 60s

How Long to Date Before Marriage In Your 60s ( With Expert Tips)

The desire to experience love and find a long-term life partner does not fade with age.

Perhaps you are divorced widowed, or simply single and ready to begin a journey in marriage with a new partner.

Marriage in your 60s comes with different dynamics; including finance, health concern, and past experiences that leave seniors wondering whether to jump right into it or take time.

In this article, we explore the complexity of time, dating, and marriage and give expert tips to make this decision lighter on you.

How Long to Date Before Marriage In Your 60s (Quick Answer)

Although dating experience is a personal journey, and so is the decision to marry, there are given timelines that senior couples should have in mind.  Experts advise that seniors date for a year before getting married.

How Long to Date Before Marriage In Your 60s(Practical Tips)

Give it At Least a Year

It is essential to give yourselves time to understand each other and a few months of dating is not enough. If you recently began to date, take at least twelve months to discover one another.

Relationship experts have identified that the first few months of dating are the honeymoon phase and there are things that partners overlook about one another. This is why it is crucial to give the relationship a longer period of knowing each other.

Date Longer to Reduce Divorce Chances

After 60, there is no rush to get married. Most seniors have already experienced life and even had past relationships. The more time you take in dating, the better you will get the chance to learn more about one another.

It is recommended that you take two years to date before getting married in your 60s as it reduces the chances of divorce by 20%. If you and your partner are not in a hurry to get married, you can take 2 years to date and strengthen your relationship.

Consider Why You Want to Get Married

Until you identify the reason why you want to get married or remarry in your 60s, you should take more time to date. If you have been married and divorced before, take time to identify why you feel the need to get married to avoid marrying for the wrong reasons.

Take Time to Heal

Rebound relationships happen even for people in their 60s. If you have been through a rough relationship or divorce, take time to heal, go to therapy if need be, and ensure that you do not yearn for marriage due to unhealed wounds.

If you have been through loss and are still grieving your spouse, take time to go through that before saying I do to your new partner. You can date while still grieving because grieving can take years but do not make a long-term decision to get married while you are still hanging up on your late spouse.

Practice Open Communication

Relationship expert Susan Kiner says that after 60, seniors know what they want in a relationship. However, it is crucial for you to clearly understand what your partner needs and ensure that it aligns with your needs and expectations.

Do not just go in assuming that your expectations are in sync with your partner’s expectations. Sit down and discuss marriage expectations with your partner.

If this discussion becomes hard, you can seek a relationship expert to guide you through these tough talks.

Discuss Finances

Seniors above 60 have their finances settled and are usually set for retirement. However, there are still things to smoothen out. Consider your financial future investment prospects.

It is essential to plan how your money will be spent as a couple to avoid disagreements once you are married. You can get a financial expert to walk you through the dynamics of a couple’s finances after 60.

Take Time to Prepare Your Family

If one or both partners have children, they need to take time and prepare their families for a long-term relationship. This means doing the introduction of one another to children and taking time to bond with your future spouse’s kids.

Is There a Perfect Timeline to Date Before Marriage In Your 60s?

There is no perfect time to date before getting married in your 60s. Although dating longer might help build relationship skills to make a marriage last, it is not a guarantee of a successful marriage.

Ultimately, after discussing finances and expectations in marriage, you can go ahead and get married. It is essential to follow your gut when making serious long-term decisions.


Can you find love after 60?

The odds of finding true love after 60 are low, but with the right strategies, it is possible.

Do older men fall in love fast?

Older men fall in love fast when they find the right partner.

What does a 60-year-old woman want in a relationship?

A 60-year-old woman wants company, fidelity, love, fun, and commitment in a relationship.

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