How Long Does It Take To Get Someone Into a Nursing Home

How Long Does It Take To Get Someone Into a Nursing Home

When caregiving becomes impossible at home, getting someone into a nursing home becomes the only viable option. The nursing home admission process and how long it takes to settle in a nursing home can be hard to tell.

There is a lot to do before the actual admission to the nursing home. If you are planning to get a loved one to a nursing home, you need to be aware of how long this takes to get your time in order.

Sometimes when there is urgency in getting someone into a nursing home fast, one needs to have the process done faster. In this article, we have insights into how long it takes to get someone into a nursing home.

How Long Does It Take To Get Someone Into a Nursing Home? (Quick Answer)

Getting someone into a nursing home is a process that could take a few days or months depending on a few factors. Nursing home beds are not usually readily available, sometimes you have to be on a waiting list for a while. Having your finances in order is also a key determinant of how fast you can get someone into a nursing home.

Factors that Determine How Long It Takes to Get Someone Into a Nursing Home

Bed Availability

If you have already identified a potential nursing home, check on the availability of beds. Some nursing homes are fully packed and you have to wait for a free bed. Bed availability can also be influenced by the type of insurance coverage used. Getting a Medicaid bed is sometimes hard in many nursing homes.


Nursing home stays are sustained by paying for the stay. The best way to cover nursing home expenses is good insurance coverage. If you already have one, getting someone into a nursing home should be easy.

Personal Consent

Legally, you cannot force a person into a nursing home. They have to willingly consent to move to a nursing home. Before you make plans to place someone in a nursing home, ensure that they are willing to make that change.

Nursing Home Admission Process

Talk to Your Loved One about the Nursing Home Option

Before you find nursing home options, you should let your loved one know that they should be in a nursing home. If your loved one is of sound mind and can make their own decisions, they have to be the ones deciding to go to the nursing home.

Register for Medicaid

If your loved one does not have reliable insurance to cover the cost of a nursing home, Medicaid is a good option. You can reach out to a social worker to help you with your Medicaid application if you do not know where to start.

Find a Good Nursing Home

Once you have your loved one’s consent and have a financial plan, get nursing home recommendations from the doctor, social worker, or a trusted friend. Visit each of the nursing homes and find out the following:

  • Requirements to get into the home
  • Financial plan for the nursing home stay
  • Nursing home facilities
  • Nursing home staff and how professional they are
  • Visiting schedule
  • Meals options for residents

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Get On the Waiting List

If the perfect nursing home for your loved one does not have a vacant bed, get on the waitlist. Some nursing homes require one to put down a deposit to be on the list.

Get the Documents Ready

When the nursing home confirms the admission date, prepare the required documents to get your loved one admitted into a nursing home. Some of the documents needed include:

  • Doctor’s order stating that the patient needs nursing home care
  • Doctor’s prescription for new or continuation of medicine
  • An up-to-date report on the medical condition of the nursing home resident
  • State form stating that the resident meets nursing home requirements
  • Recent health tests such as TB tests, and COVID test as well as proof of vaccination
  • Filled in nursing home admission paperwork


How Long Does It Take To Get Used to a Nursing Home?

Nursing home residents take different periods to adjust to the new life in a nursing home. It takes weeks to months of the nursing home stay for residents to get used. The magnitude of support given by family and nursing home staff plays a role in determining the period of stay.

How Can You Help Someone Transition Into a Nursing Home?

Involve them in the decision to live in a nursing home. You can get them professional counseling to help them cope with feelings about moving into a nursing home. Giving them assurance that you will see each other often and planning on visiting days can also ease the transition.

Can a Hospital Force You Into a Nursing Home?

If a person is incapacitated and unable to care for themselves, the hospital can put them in a nursing home.

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