How Do Seniors Feel About Nursing Homes

How Do Seniors Feel About Nursing Homes?

As we grow old, the idea of moving into a nursing how can be daunting.

While moving into a nursing can come as a relief to some since they will receive the much needed specialized care, for some, it often feels scary.

Moving into a nursing home means leaving the home you have known and adored for decades, and this can pose mental and emotional stress.

Read on to take a closer look at the roller coaster of emotions experienced by seniors about moving into a nursing home.

How Do Seniors Feel About Nursing Homes? (Quick answer)

Before you drive off and drop your loved one in a nursing home, no matter how amazing it might sound or look, how do they feel about it?

Most seniors do not feel great about nursing homes. Unfortunately, what might seem like a clean, safe, amazing, and perfect place to relatives may feel like a trap for your loved one.

In many cases, it is not the conditions of the nursing homes that are not appealing to seniors, it is the sudden change in the way of living that makes seniors feel negative about these homes.

When seniors are uncomfortable in nursing homes, they will often complain when you visit. Some seniors feel content in nursing homes, especially if they like being around their peers.

Advantages Of Nursing Homes

Nursing homes have a large share of advantages, this is why they are still reliable and the best option to take care of seniors. Nursing homes are great because:

Available Health Care

Nursing homes have a medical professional to tend to seniors. They are good especially if your loved one has some health issues and needs 24/7 medical attention. This is helpful in the event of medical emergencies, as opposed to when a senior is alone at home.

Tip: if you are actively looking for the best nursing home for a senior, confirm the number of medical professionals before settling on a home. This assures you that your loved one has access to medical care in case they need it.


The routines in nursing homes helps seniors to have a planned day, instead of staying in bed all day. Most nursing homes incorporate all the needed activities for healthy living. There are activities for entertainment and health-beneficial activities as well. With age, seniors need to be active in interactions, and physical exercise.

Tip: before you get someone admitted in to nursing home for your loved one, ensure that the activities listed on the brochure happen, and that they are engaging and lively.


If you are concerned about the safety of your parents or grandparent who lives alone, nursing homes are well guarded. Seniors in nursing homes are safe because there is professional security and they live around people.

If your loved one has dementia and they wander around sometimes, nursing homes are secure, in that seniors with dementia cannot wander off to danger.

Downsides Of Nursing Homes


Nursing homes are expensive. If you are looking for the best care in a nursing home, financial preparation is a must. It is even tougher if your loved one has not saved up for retirement.

If you are considering a nursing home as a long-term option, it could cost you around $100,000 per year. Note that if you run out of money, the nursing home can kick you out for non-payment. It is good to have a solid payment plan.


The worst fear seniors have is being dropped at a nursing home and getting forgotten. Seniors are aware of the case of people being forgotten by their loved ones in the nursing home.

When a senior is in a nursing home, this means they start a new life with people they do not know. They become isolated from the society and environment they have known for decades.

Loss Of Control

Seniors who were normally in control of their life may feel as if you are taking control away from them. Sometimes, a person might have just suffered a stroke or an accident and are not able to do the things they would normally do flawlessly, like showering and golfing.

Also, the routine in nursing homes may feel like a ‘trap’ for some people because they were previously used to planning their daily to-do lists.

Quality Of Care

Some nursing homes have had terrible reviews on the quality of care offered to seniors. Mostly, there are complaints about the bad food or neglect. However, there are reputable nursing homes with amazing care for seniors, but this comes at a higher cost.


When deciding on care options for a senior, it is important to consider how they feel about it. Nursing homes are great to offer the best care for a senior, but one must be careful and critical when settling on a nursing home.

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