How can seniors lose belly fat

How Can Seniors Lose Belly Fat

As age goes up, most seniors experience body changes that include adding weight around the belly. While this might be seen as a “normal” part of growing old, it shouldn’t be the case. Looking good is not a crime after 60. Rather, it is a great experience that all seniors should look forward to. Seniors tend to accumulate more weight around the waistline, which gets worse with time.

Belly fat limits one from having the confidence to dress. It also limits you from being great at games such as golf. Losing belly fat is not easy, but with consistent efforts and changes, you can shed off some weight.

Seniors can lose belly fat without performing draining exercises like lifting weights at the gym. There are diet and fitness changes that a senior can apply to lose belly fat.

How Can Seniors Lose Belly Fat

Losing belly fat for seniors requires consistent work on diet and fitness. There are changes that a senior should make on their diet that include; switching to whole grains, lots of veggies, nuts, proteins, and healthy fats.

Diet Changes For Seniors To Lose Belly Fat

For belly fat exercises to work, one must engage in significant diet Changes. These changes include:

Substitute Your Carbs With Proteins

Proteins help with building muscles. If you have gained much weight in your belly, substituting carbs with proteins is a good way of losing fat.

Use Spices In Your Diet

Spices not only add taste to your food but also help with metabolism. Capsaicin for instance is great at burning belly fat and adds some heat to your recipe.

Consume Lots Of Fibre

Fiber-filled foods like veggies are the best when you need to burn up belly fat. They also help with issues such as constipation for seniors. Be sure to take some fiber in every meal of the day.

Try Whole Grains

Refined grains taste great and are very tempting. But if you want to get rid of belly fat, switching to whole grain is the best option for you. It might be hard to make a complete switch from refined grain to whole grain, which is why a gradual switch is more reasonable.

Taking Dressed Salads

Instead of having cake for a snack, try out your favorite salad dressed with cider vinegar. Vinegar is great at reducing belly fat and weight.

Lifestyle Changes For Seniors To Lose Belly Fat

To achieve any significant body changes, you have to invest in some changes in your life. Seniors need to make many adjustments to live better, healthier life. He’s what you need to change for that belly fat to go away:

Margaritas and Wine

It is fun to have some margaritas with your friends or a glass of wine after a long day but this is what’s contributing to fat build-up around your tummy. Cutting down or having no alcohol at all can do wonders not only with your belly fat but also with your general health.

Invest In Mental Health

Mental Health affects seniors physically. When one is having mental stress or illness, it reflects on the physical body. Weight gain is linked to mental health. Seniors need to engage in mental health nourishing activities such as meditation, reading, vacations, and therapy.

Exercise For Seniors To Lose Belly Fat


Jogging is a good exercise to invest your time in. As age progresses, it might be hard to jog for long. To lose belly fat, you do not need to jog for long distances. Jogging 2 miles a day can help cut off belly fat.


Yoga is a low-demanding exercise that is good for reducing belly fat. It also helps with improving flexibility for golf and strength for muscles.

Exercise Bike

Seniors with busy work schedules could have issues with investing time for a jog or yoga. Fortunately, exercise bikes are great for the office or home. With an exercise bike, it is easier to jog or do a light run while you get on with your schedule.

Invest In a Gym Program

Gym programs are the best for losing belly fat and weight for seniors. With a good fitness coach, you can significantly reduce belly fat in a shorter amount of time than working out alone.

What To Avoid When You Want To Reduce Belly Fat

We have talked about what you should do to lose belly fat. Here’s what seniors should avoid when belly fat is an issue:

  • Too much alcohol intake
  • Refined grains
  • Fast food
  • Sodas including diet sodas
  • Bad mental health
  • Processed meat
  • Too much dairy


Belly fat accumulation is a health risk for seniors. It prevents seniors from engaging in sporty activities and hinders confidence. Making improvements in lifestyle, diet and exercise is the best way to lose belly fat.

Simple exercises such as jogging, and yoga work wonders to cut off belly fat. It is also good to invest in an exercise bike if you have a busy schedule. 

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