Golf Stretches For Seniors

Golf Stretches For Seniors

Golf is an amazing game for seniors. It is fun, involving, and a great way to remain in shape without overstretching the body.

Seniors who love golf notice that their game becomes worse with age. Fortunately, this is not a must for all seniors. There are ways to maintain excellence in golf even for seniors.

As a senior golfer, the number one thing to do is become more flexible. Your body’s flexibility can better or worsen golf for you.

The best senior golfers are flexible enough for rotation and swinging. This makes their swing speed amazing.

Important Golf Stretches For Seniors

Golf Stretches for seniors include hip crossovers, swing repetition, driver stretch, ankle stretch, and side bend, among others.

Detailed Exercise For Senior Golfers

Hip Crossovers

This stretch is for you to increase hip mobility, which is important for golf. To do a proper hip crossover:

  • Lay on your back
  • Place your arms on your side
  • Keep your core tight
  • Remain stable for a moment

Swing Repetition

If you want to improve your endurance, this is the best stretch for you. The best way to do a swing repetition:

  • Get your club
  • Make a full swing as if you were hitting
  • It is good to set the target point when doing swing repetition.

Swing repetition also helps with building strength and developing your muscles for the actual swing. This exercise prepares the body for the real swing.  

Arm Circles

This stretch is a perfect warm-up for a golf session. This exercise is also done in gym sessions. Arm circles relax the arm muscles in preparation for a swing.

Forearm stretches

The forearm stretch helps with your swing. Stretch your arms forward and ensure that your palms are facing straight forward. Move your palms straight downwards still with your arms stretched forward. Repeat as often as you want.

Side bend

This is a perfect golf stretch for your body to feel less stiff. Use your club and raise it over your head in a horizontal direction. Lean to the right as you curve your torso. Lean to the left as you curve your torso. As you bend the side, your back stretches.

Body Parts To Focus On When Doing Golf Stretches For Seniors

When doing golf stretches it is important to know which parts of your body to aim at. This helps you improve faster than generalizing your exercises.

When playing golf, toes, feet, arms, shoulders, back and the core is very involved. It is essential to keep them flexible and relaxed.

Rotation in the hips, arms, and core will give you the best swing speed and enable you to hit longer drives.

Focusing on the body parts that are more involved in gold helps prevent injuries. The more you stretch your arms, feet, core, shoulders, and back, the more likely you are to become better in your game.

How To Become Better At Golf

One way to be better at golf is by doing golf stretches consistently. This is to build on flexibility and get you in shape for the game.

Apart from stretches, you can try this to become better at golf:

Invest In Better Equipment

Having the wrong equipment negatively impacts your game. Golfing with the wrong club, or using the wrong golf ball is bad for your game.

Invest in golf equipment that is suited for seniors and your skill set. For instance, hybrid clubs are better than iron clubs for seniors.

It is important to know your skill set before buying equipment. This will allow your equipment to boost your skills and improve on the weaknesses.


Once you have identified where you might be going wrong in your game, practice on those areas. Practicing specific golf tricks is more effective than generalizing your practices. For instance, if you want to hit longer drives in golf, practicing on how to turn your hips.

Work On Specific Techniques

There are specific tricks for seniors who desire to be better at golf. Applying these tricks could improve your game:

  • Warm up before every game
  • Get hybrid clubs
  • Avoid tight grips
  • Mind how you position your feet
  • Keep your core strong


What are the best golf exercises for seniors?

The best golf exercise for seniors includes forearm stretches, arm circles, hip crossovers, and swing repetition.

How many times should a senior golfer exercise?

A senior golfer should exercise at least three times a week for 30 minutes. Do not overstretch your body. It is good to start with the number of times and the duration your body is comfortable with.


Exercise helps in preparing the body for golf. Golf stretches work to help your body perform golf tricks without straining. If you are flexible and can comfortably rotate your body, golf becomes easier for you.

While exercising your body is crucial for golf, remember to invest in the right golf equipment, suited for your skills. 

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