Disadvantages of Marrying Later In Life

Disadvantages of Marrying Later In Life

The age limit for marrying keeps changing as the world advances, and people are marrying at any age, even during their senior years.

However, there are more separations, now more than ever even among older couples and this raises concerns for those who wish to get married later in life.

Before you take a relationship to another level it is essential to know the odds against you so that you can work towards overcoming them.

Disadvantages of Marrying Later In Life (Read this first)

Marrying in your senior years can bring a lot of joy and fulfillment. However, it comes with a fair share of challenges that cannot be overlooked. The disadvantages of marrying later in life are in the social, financial, and emotional dimensions.

Financial Disadvantages of Marrying Later in Life

Increased Medical Expenses

As you get older, healthcare costs tend to increase and trips to healthcare facilities become frequent. Seniors incur dental, therapy, and other hospital expenses compared to younger people. If you or your spouse have any health issues, the cost of healthcare could be a significant financial burden when you marry later in life.

Financial Disagreements

When you marry later in life, you may have developed different financial habits and goals than your partner. This can lead to disagreements over spending, saving, and investment strategies, which can impact your financial stability as a couple. Also, both of you have different financial plans, and merging them might be difficult.

Diversion of Finances

Sometimes, people who marry later in life have children from other relationships. If either of the partners still has responsibilities towards dependents, financial resources are diverted toward the dependents which could cause financial strains.

Also, you might have to take responsibility for your spouse’s children from a previous relationship which can be challenging.

Higher Taxes

Getting married later in life potentially increases taxes, therefore taking away from money that can be used for expenses or investments. Sometimes, older couples opt to cohabit instead of marrying to avoid higher taxes.

Reduced Time for Building Joint Wealth

When you marry later in life, you have less time to build wealth together with your spouse. This can limit your ability to save for retirement, invest in property, or start a business, which could impact your financial security in the long term. Starting joint savings and investments early is more advantageous than doing it later in life.

Social Disadvantages of Marrying Later in Life


There are social setups that discriminate against people who are past the expected age of marriage. Also, it is hard for newly married senior couples to sync into some communities especially those couples with previous marriages.

Blending in Families

If both partners have children from previous relationships, it makes it hard to blend into the families. Children bring complexity to such a marriage because there is social interactions with former partners. Also, you have to work hard to win over the children of your spouse.

Increased Pressure to Start a Family

Marrying later in life often means that there is less time to start a family. This can create pressure to conceive and have children quickly, which can be stressful for couples and may lead to fertility issues. Women above 50 especially have lower chances of conceiving which leads to stress and the use of financial resources to have kids.

Emotional Disadvantages of Marrying Later in Life

Difficulty in Adjusting

If you have been single and living alone for a long time, you may find it harder to adjust to sharing your space, time, and decisions with another person. Couples who marry later in life struggle to share space and open up to having someone do things differently.

Pressure to Settle

If you have been single for a while, you may feel pressure from family and friends to settle down and get married, which can create feelings of anxiety and stress. The pressure might also be internal as you feel the urge to have a partner.

Widowed or divorced seniors sometimes have pressure to have life as it used to be with a life partner, and this causes emotional stress.

Fear of Failing

Being in previous relationships or marriages arouses fear of breakups in future relationships. Couples who have been hurt or abused in previous relationship struggle to overcome the fear of failing in their next relationship.

Health Concerns

Getting married during your 70s is not the same as having a young marriage. There are fears of losing your spouse, especially if they have chronic or terminal illnesses. Fear of loss causes anxiety and emotional distress.

How to Overcome the Disadvantages of Marrying Later in Life

Prioritize Your Health

Health is a big concern as one grows older. To avoid health getting in the way of happiness in your relationship, do this:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Go to all your doctor’s appointments
  • Get a good health insurance
  • Eat healthily
  • Stay active

Get a Financial Advisor

If you are planning to get married in your senior years, get an expert to give you solid financial advice and take you through financial concerns. Also, a financial expert will walk you through investments, savings, and inheritance issues.

Focus on the Positives

Instead of thinking too much about why marrying later in life will not work, think about the positives, including how well you will enjoy your life with your loved one. Also, be in positive social environments as opposed to relating with people who do not support your relationship.


Should you get married after 60?

Success in marriage has less to do with age than the kind of partner you choose. Getting married after 60 looks odd but can be happy and fulfilling.

Do people marry after 70?

People marry at any age. However, you should consider social, emotional, and financial issues before you say I do.

Can a 70-year-old man fall in love?

Yes, a 70-year-old man can fall in love, be in a relationship, and even get married.

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