Are Golden Shih Tzus Good For Seniors?

Are Golden Shih Tzus Good For Seniors?

As companionship plays a pivotal role in the well-being of seniors, the choice of a furry friend becomes a decision of great significance. 

Among the various dog breeds renowned for their gentle disposition and affectionate nature, Golden Shih Tzus are delightful companions that seem tailor-made for older people.

From their manageable size to their loving temperament, these golden-coated canine friends bring unique qualities that can enhance seniors’ well-being and quality of life.

Join us in this article as we cover the attributes of Golden Shih Tzus and how they align with the lifestyles and requirements of seniors. 

Characteristics of Golden Shih Tzus That Make Them Great For Seniors

Golden Shih Tzus has an amazingly gentle nature that is perfect for seniors. Besides the beautiful golden coat, below are some of the best characteristics that make Golden Shih Tzus good for seniors: 


If you have mobility issues or are in a wheelchair, a golden shih tzus can be a great companion. Shih Tzus are small, making them advantageous for seniors with space or mobility. 

Are Golden Shih Tzus Good For Seniors?

Also, their compact size makes them easy to handle and suitable for apartment living. If you live in a nursing home that allows pets, a shih tzus is perfect for a small space, provided they live healthily. 

Great Temperament 

While a dog’s temperament can differ depending on the circumstances, shih tzus have a gentle demeanor, making them excellent companions for seniors. Shih Tzus loves being around their owner. 

If you have other pets, golden shih tzus get along with other pets nicely and love being around children. 

Low Energy Needs

Keeping a golden shih tzus will not suck the life out of an older person. While shih tzus enjoy play and walks, they typically demand manageable energy. 

Are Golden Shih Tzus Good For Seniors?

Remember, seniors need regular exercise to maintain physical and mental health. Having a shih tzus can enhance gentle exercises through walks and play. Weighing only 9-15 pounds, playing and carrying a shih tzus is easy during walks. 


Shih Tzus are adaptable dogs that can adjust well to various living situations, whether in a small apartment or a larger home. Hence, you do not have to make significant living changes to accommodate a shih tzus. 

Besides, Shih Tzus tends to appreciate routine, which can benefit seniors who thrive on a sense of predictability and structure in their daily lives.

Benefits Of Having a Golden Shih Tzus For Seniors

With a golden shih tzus, seniors can enjoy a wide range of benefits. Some of them include: 


We mentioned that shih tzus love being around their owner. Having a shih tzus can provide a sense of purpose and reduce loneliness, which is particularly beneficial for seniors living alone or experiencing social isolation.

Are Golden Shih Tzus Good For Seniors?

Also, having a Golden Shih Tzu as a companion can reduce feelings of isolation and provide a reason to engage with the outside world. Walking the dog or attending pet-friendly events can foster social connections for seniors.

Mental Well-being

Pets contribute to the mental well-being of seniors by providing reliable emotional support. Having a Golden Shih Tzu can contribute to a more positive emotional state for older people, offering comfort and a source of joy.

Are Golden Shih Tzus Good For Seniors?

Besides, interacting with a pet has been known to stimulate oxytocin, the love hormone that helps reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. 

Cognitive Stimulation

Seniors need cognitive stimulation to help prevent cognitive decline and conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

Engaging with a pet can stimulate cognitive function. Teaching tricks, grooming, and playing games can keep the mind active and encourage the dog and the owner.

Physical Exercise

Are Golden Shih Tzus Good For Seniors?

We mentioned that golden shih tzus do not require high-level exercises. While Golden Shih Tzus have low exercise needs, they benefit from regular walks and playtime. This can encourage seniors to engage in light physical activity, promoting better health and mobility.

Facilitates Social Interactions

Having a golden shih tzus can make the owner look approachable and friendly. Seniors with dogs have a better chance at socializing and making new friends when taking the dog for a walk or during routine visits to the vet’s. 

Factors To Consider When Getting a Golden Shih Tzus

When considering getting a Golden Shih Tzu, seniors must consider various factors to ensure a suitable match for their lifestyle and preferences. Here’s a brief list of aspects to consider:

  • Assess if the size of a Golden Shih Tzu suits your living space and your ability to handle a small-sized dog.
  • Understand the typical temperament of Shih Tzus and whether it aligns with your lifestyle and personality.
  • Evaluate if you’re willing and able to commit to the grooming needs of Golden Shih Tzus long, flowing coats.
  • Check for potential allergies to dog dander within your household before bringing a Golden Shih Tzu home.
  • Consider the costs associated with pet ownership, including food, grooming, veterinary care, and potential emergencies.
  • Evaluate your daily schedule and ensure you have enough time to spend with a dog, including playtime, walks, and social interaction.
  • Consider the lifespan of Shih Tzus and be prepared for a long-term commitment to caring for your pet.

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What is the lifespan of a Golden Shih Tzus?

A golden shih tzus can live for 10-16 years. However, some have a longer lifespan and can make it to their 18th birthday. 

How Long Can a Shih Tzus Make It Without Food?

A shih tzus can go for around five days without food. However, dogs need food and water for a healthy and happy life. 

What Is the Oldest Living Shih Tzus?

The oldest shih tzus lived up to 23 years. 

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